Why You Should Consider a Branded Virtual Background for Your Team

virtual office background

Regardless of whether your team works remotely or under one roof, online conferences have become the norm for staff meetings, client confabs, and even informal chats. Encouraging employees to use a standardized virtual office background while video conferencing brings a lot of benefits to your business. Here’s how.

Allowing Your Teammates To Show Their Pride

When people love their jobs, they work harder and feel invested in the company’s success. They’re proud of where they work, and they want everyone to know it! By participating in online meetings with your branded virtual background in place, your employees are signaling their positivity to everyone in attendance.

Building Unity and Community

Whether you’ve got a remote workforce or you operate from multiple locations, it’s hard to create a sense of unification and community amongst your workers. Anything you can do to make staff feel connected is beneficial, and even small practices like using the same branded virtual background throughout the company create cohesion.

Improving Professionalism

Social media is replete with stories of awkward video conference visuals. From a collection of NSFW photos displayed on a bedroom shelf to a pile of dirty dishes on the kitchen counter, there are a lot of things in peoples’ homes that simply aren’t meant to be seen in a professional setting. Using a standardized, branded background company-wide keeps things appropriate while relieving pressure on participants who haven’t had time to tidy up at home before logging into a meeting.

Standardizing Practices

Keeping employee behavior in line when everyone’s in the same building is challenging enough, but the task becomes much more difficult when some or all of your staff work remotely. Rather than writing a policy regarding what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to meeting backgrounds, simplify the situation by requiring employees to use the same backdrop company-wide. It takes the guesswork out of the matter for your team members, and makes HR’s job much easier since they’ll have one less thing to monitor.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Certainly one of the top reasons to use a uniform virtual meeting background is to promote your brand identity. During online meetings with clients, vendors, and other people outside your organization, the presence of your logo behind every company participant reinforces your image.

Virtual backgrounds are one of the easiest ways to get your brand out there. Experiment with the best way to show off your logo by inserting it into a variety of free office Zoom backgrounds, then choose your favorite and activate licensing so everyone on your team features your custom backdrop in every video interaction.

Now that you understand how beneficial it is to develop a branded virtual background, it’s time to get started by visiting the website of a trusted leader in remote meeting enhancement tools. There you can take your time browsing the best free Microsoft Teams backgrounds or graphics for any of the other popular platforms. With just a few clicks, your team will be on its way toward featuring professional visuals in every video conference.



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