Why should you consider a bespoke SEO service for your website?


Bespoke SEO or Off-the-shelf SEO


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When you are looking for SEO services, there can be a few things that you can look out for to determine whether you are getting a bespoke SEO service or an off-the-shelf solution. 

This article will take a closer look at the two approaches and why you should always look for a bespoke SEO service instead of an alternative.

Bespoke SEO Service vs Off-the-shelf SEO Service

Let us get straight to the point – you will usually incur problems if you are looking for an odd-the-shelf SEO solution.

Believing you can get on the first page of Google in 2022 using a plugin and focusing on a few keywords is wishful thinking at best.  

Organic SEO takes time, and with internet usage at an all-time high, there are no off-the-shelf solutions. 

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A bespoke service will cover the following aspects and more:

  • Specific Keyword Research. Many times businesses end up optimising for the wrong keywords. A thorough assessment is required, and both sides’ input must occur. 
  • Quality Content and Copywriting. An off-the-shelf solution can have a lot of generic content written for certain industries but not specific to your business, services or products. Poorly written copy will not be tolerated by Google, especially if there is perceived keyword stuffing. Poor copy is terrible on all fronts. It must be engaging, informative and above all, current. 
  • Landing Page Design. On the assumption that you have made page one of Google for a search term, you will gain attention. That attention, however, needs to be converted into contact and/or a sale. A bespoke service will concentrate on your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) by tweaking your landing page and click-throughs to get a potential customer to the ‘point of sale’. 
  • SEO Strategy. An off-the-shelf plugin is unable to devise a successful SEO strategy correctly. Moreover, with a bespoke solution, you are simultaneously looking at the short-term and overall picture. To formulate a winning plan, industry research and understanding are paramount.  
  • Adaptability. If there is a significant Google update, you could find yourself stuck with a failing plan. An off-the-shelf solution doesn’t change; it plays the percentages. 

Here’s a look at the more technical side of an SEO strategy:

  • Speed. Google’s ever-changing algorithm will ensure your images and overall load-up speed falls within the required three-second rule.
  • Web Design. A bespoke web design allows more creative control of images, design, and content. Keyword placement and the right amount are paramount to success and avoiding any Google penalties.
  • Plug-ins. An off-the-shelf solution can tend to rely heavily on third-party plugins. These plugins must be looked at as not all will be compatible with an SEO campaign. 
  • Performance. Over-reliance on third-party plugins can leave applications like Google’s Mobile-friendly testing and Webmaster tools needing re-configuration, or the plugin or theme requires changing altogether. 
  • Security. An SEO professional will always keep on top of potential hacks and the overall safety of your site. This is especially necessary for e-Commerce websites that handle online transactions. Hacking leads to inevitable downtime and, during the clean-up, can cost valuable ranking positions on the search engines. 
  • Fresh Ideas. Sometimes the best seat in the house is from the outside looking in. When you are bogged down with the everyday running of a business, the most apparent marketing strategy can be staring you in the face, but you miss it. Having a professional by your side can enable you to share ideas that can lead to a different marketing approach. Communication is vital, and an off-the-shelf solution won’t help you when it comes to brainstorming. 

Regardless of which avenue you decide to pursue, in 2022, it is advisable to have professional SEO advice. You want to work in the knowledge that your window front to your business is being taken care of and everything kept up-to-date to Google’s best practices. 

The primary go-to for off-the-shelf SEO solutions is usually cost. Time and money are everything to a small or new business. It is a case of understanding that what you may be saving upfront by not hiring an SEO agency or SEO professional will not pay dividends in the long run.

Multiple plugins will be required, plus you, the business owner, gaining a level of understanding of analytics and metrics. Although the average business owner wants knowledge of SEO and digital marketing, delegation is the key to today’s online marketing.  


Internet usage and daily searches have soared since the global pandemic. Google is receiving almost 8 billion searches per day around the world. Competition has never been more fierce, especially in your local area. My advice is to find an SEO professional to help guide you through the over 200 ways your business can be looked on favourably by Google and the other SERPs. Good luck. 


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