Why is there attraction and desire at work?


In my previous articles, I’ve talked about what happens when we have a non-monogamous relationship. But what does it mean to be in a monogamous love relationship? The answer lies in the word “monogamous” itself which implies “one-sided or one-sided”. For instance, I don’t go to bed with another person because I want to have with them except if it’s a paid escort service in Delhi, and they do not want to have with me. Monogamy may sound boring but it actually helps us build trust and intimacy. Many of us have monogamous relationships. Most people are comfortable with having two people to bed without any feeling of guilt. So why is there attraction and desire at work then?

attraction is what makes humans get physical contact with someone and engage in a certain activity with her/him because of attraction. It can also define the ability of someone to be attracted to someone. If you find someone attractive, you will naturally want to touch that person whether or not she likes it. You will automatically like to do things for that person at your workplace. We all desire other individuals due to our natural instincts and tendencies. As a matter of fact, most of our thoughts tend to be driven by the attraction of others rather than our own personal preferences. 

There’s something called the “psychological law of attraction”, which means your subconscious mind has been programmed by your past experiences to think in an appealing way. Therefore, when you look around at the people you meet in business places or Escort Ireland, most times you’ll see a man who stares at everyone as if he feels lonely. In business places, men who seem lonely almost always attract more women to them.

Now I’m not saying that you will see everyone looking lonely if you are single and lonely. We are born into this society where men often show their emotions through body language. This is because they feel the need to display their feelings due to the existence of strong social pressure on guys to impress others. Unfortunately, nowadays that social pressure is so intense that men tend to suppress their feelings so much that nothing could be left behind and neither would the people within his sight. So, for a woman to find another woman even if he doesn’t want to have with her because he wants to have some time with her. Isn’t that really admirable?

Yes, men are very good liars, but women are just too good! Women are great manipulators. They know how to lie and tell you how much she loves you by holding your hand and telling you how much she is excited to see you again and again. Then it’s just your turn to act the same way. Men and women love to fool people because it’s easier in the end as you can easily prove yourself wrong. Besides, both genders always try to make sure people around them like themselves. Most people are so self-loveful to impress others with what they are doing.

 When you feel that you need something from someone or you find yourself feeling lonely, you can tell your crush that your friend really likes you. This shows that there are no limits on what you can tell them. People love to lie in front of others, but it takes a lot more effort on the part of the liar and those around.

Most people also tend to show a big sense of guilt afterward. That is their fear of being judged or embarrassed. People get shy at first when they first meet someone. After a while, however, most people feel confident in their abilities to have strong relations with anyone. They get jealous of the attention people give them. On the other hand, if you are worried about how you won’t look enough to attract a man, worry no more because you’re making your attractiveness in front of other people who already know your interests, hobbies and desires.

These are the main reasons why everyone who is new to meeting people gets turned away and eventually fails to get close to them. And yet, they still want to be beautiful because of their bad actions and behaviour. To avoid this, most men would keep their eyes on the opposite gender’s body. And the reason for it is mainly because they are insecure that they will be rejected or perceived as less valuable in the eyes of other people. For example, they tend to keep their legs crossed up when standing. What else are they worried about? How do they look?

People who are insecure about showing their body in public tend to exhibit many different behaviours because they want to protect themselves from being ashamed. Because they cannot stand to admit how much they truly are confident about their bodies. Some people are so scared to show their true self that they keep avoiding having interactions with others because they can easily become disappointed and depressed. Another common practice for these people is hiding the parts of their bodies they are insecure about. They hide their breasts and other organs that are too sensitive for them. And they would pretend to be unattractive in front of others just to avoid being vulnerable in front of other people and avoid getting disappointed or embarrassed. Their aim is to hide themselves so that nobody can see them. Yes, these people might be embarrassed to reveal their bodies and be seen naked and that makes them feel guilty for their negative actions.

As I mentioned before, guys are very skilled liars. However, girls can lie right alongside boys. Girls are much better in the manipulation game that males play. It takes a long time for guys to understand what it takes to talk to a girl. Men tend to be more nervous when talking to women. They usually start small conversations with women and quickly progress one to another. A simple “How are you today” or asking to go out for dinner, a simple “What are you doing tomorrow night?” or simply talking about how well she likes working together. All they ask for is to have a conversation, get to know each other and try to make something useful out of each interaction.

 Sometimes they end up using this behaviour as an excuse to avoid having real communication and build false impressions. Just because you can call her every day or send her a text message doesn’t mean that you like each other. She might just want to hook up with you and start going back to work for her job, your current and future boss.

To sum up, people don’t act a certain way because the environment we live in makes them act in a certain way. Everyone wants to have a nice image and good reputation. In order to have such a positive perception towards their life, most people change their lives by trying hard to live up to expectations.

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