Which Mobile Phone Shops in Melbourne to avoid?

Mobile Phone Shops in Melbourne

Growth is essential. Every business person, technician, and shop owner dreams of growth w.r.t to their business. But it is easier said than done, especially with Mobile Phone Shops in Melbourne that feel stunted after a successful run.There are a few mistakes that they commit. Rectifying these can matter a lot as the professional attitude of technicians plays a significant role in building a positive image of the phone repair store in the eyes of the customer. Let us look at a few common mistakes that are made at a cell phone repair center and the users should avoid visiting such shops.

Few Issues at a Mobile Phone Shop in Melbourne:

1. Not adhering to the specific time limit

One of the most significant issues with technicians is not abiding by their time limit. Reasons can be many, like a delay in identifying the issue. Sometimes the customer cannot pinpoint why their cell phone is malfunctioning. As a result, it takes more time to check the smartphone and identify the issue thoroughly.

Another reason that causes a delay is the unavailability of spare parts. Although most cell phone repair centers try their level best to keep optimal levels of spare parts inventory, there are times when luck is not on your side. Procurement of the spare part can cause a delay in overall service.In such scenarios mobile shop owners should consult Second Hand Mobile Phone Shop in Melbourne and get the designated parts.

2. Showing symptoms of carelessness

Carelessness has no place in any field of work. Same is the case with the technicians who dismantle a smartphone. Some technicians tend to be very careless while handling the tiny screws of the smartphone. As a result, while reassembling, they fell short of a few of the screws. This costs them both time and money. Sometimes they can locate them. Otherwise, they get to add new screws. At the same time, many technicians leave those slots empty or fill them with big and small mismatched screws, resulting in damage later to be found by the customers and leaving a bad image of the phone repair store.

Thus, to combat this issue, technicians must have a magnetic mat. This can help them organize the minute parts in the small compartments of the mat, ensuring no loss. All the screws will be there while reassembling the smartphone. If the technicians do not have a magnetic mat, they should use small trays to organize the screws and other small parts. Using various colored trays for different models of smartphones can also help you distinguish between the two smartphone sets while working simultaneously on them.

3. Unnecessary fiddling with the motherboard

When unable to identify the issues in a smartphone, some technicians tend to end up fiddling with the motherboard. Using the soldering iron, they flow heat to one chip or the other. They are using fluke and luck to find the issue. Technicians should be really very careful and sure about the problem while working with the motherboard as they are the heart and soul of the smartphone. 

4. Skipping the protocol of opening a smartphone

Technicians at Best Phone Repair Shop,are recommended to follow a mandatory set of steps while finding a fault in a smartphone. Few technicians tend to get overconfident or, for a short period, do not follow the steps they are supposed to. Sometimes luck favors these technicians’ other times, they tend to bring a bad reputation to the phone repair store. It is crucial for technicians to follow the designated steps rather than jumping on the hardware rectification no matter how sure they are about the problem.

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5. They do not consider the internet as a source of extra information

The web world is a platform filled with a lot of information. Gone are the days when you had to rush to senior technicians for solutions to problems they could not fix. There are DIY (do it yourself) video tutorials and articles on almost every issue. Many technicians have the issue of following the trial-and-error method rather than consulting this giant source of information.

It is advisable to go through the information available on the internet if the technicians tend to get stuck somewhere.

Successful Mobile Phone Shops in Melbourne like Roobotech  tend to train their technicians to avoid common mistakes. Thus, contributing to the success of their store.

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