What is the life of your makeup and skincare products?

skincare products?
skincare products?

You like buying makeup. That’s fine, we all do. You cannot have enough of the lipsticks, there is always a new shade of blush that you desire. It’s normal to have different shades of bronzers for different events.

 Of course, you need a range of mascaras; one to volumize, one to lengthen, one with fine bristles. There is also a matter of having different foundations varying with the coverage that they offer.

 And naturally, when you have such a large volume of makeup, you are hardly likely to use it all at once, or even within a few months. Most of us are guilty of having year’s old makeup, because it is virtually impossible to finish it all up.

 However, before you reach for your favorite lipstick from over two years ago, think about the shelf life of the makeup products. Most skin specialists are of the opinion that makeup should always be used within their recommended shelf life; the figure on the product packaging is not merely a polite suggestion.

 Consequences of using old makeup

When the makeup is very expensive, and you have barely made a dent to the product, throwing it out early can be very hard. However, the longer you keep the product beyond its estimated lifetime, the more bacteria it will harbor.

 Basically, over a certain period, the preservatives that are in the makeup and skin care products start to break down. These ensure that the product is kept fresh, and when they are out, your product has no defense against pathogens.

 So, when you then use the product, you transfer the bacteria and other microbes to your skin, where they then lead to a plethora of skin problems including breakouts.

 Alongside the fear of skin irritation, there is also the danger of skin infection because of these expired products. When expired products are used in the eyes, it may lead to infection as well as styes.

 Similarly, there can be rashes, burns and bumps from the use of expired makeup products as well.

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 What is the usual shelf life of the products?

Most of the makeup and skincare products, when sealed, can last for up to 3 years. However, oil-based foundations are thought to have a relatively smaller shelf life, as the oils tend to go rancid.

 If the products are natural and claim to be organic, then their preservative content might be lesser, due to which their shelf life may be lower as well.

 The usage period for most products starts after their seal is opened. If these products are not stored properly, they might be unfit for use sooner as well.

 While most products carry their own expiration timeline, there is a general trend followed for certain products. For foundations and concealers, the expiration period is 12 to 18 months. For lipstick, the period is upwards of two years, for glosses the period is 18 months. Since lip liners can be sharpened, they might have a longer life then.

 As for the eye products, mascara and liquid eyeliner should be tossed out after 6 months, whereas eye shadows are good for around 18 months. Cream products like blushes are also good for 18 months.

 As for skincare products with droppers, since the exposure to air is greater, hence they should not be used beyond 9 months. Those that have pumps can last for a year.

 How to tell a product is expired?

Apart from the mentioned expiration time, there are certain signs of the makeup being useless. If you observe oxidation of the product, or if there is smell coming off it, or if the texture of the product has changed, then that means that it is not safe for use.

 If you do use these products, you are at risk of acne, sties, rashes, meriting then the intervention of a Dermatologist in Lahore


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