What is the difference between traditional Neon lights and LED Neon lights?


There is no denying that neon lighting is a popular choice among businesses since it is bright, eye-catching, and always trendy. LED neon lighting is an excellent alternative to classic neon lighting, whether you are aiming to achieve an 80s throwback or a more contemporary look.Click here for LED lighting Wholesale.

LED neon signs are replacing classic glass neon lights in commercial settings due to their versatility and ease of installation. Now you can create high-quality neon signage quickly and easily without having to go through the time-consuming and inefficient traditional methods of developing custom neon signage.

Traditional Neon vs. LED Neon Lighting: Which Is Best for Your Space?

There have been heated debates ever since LED Neon lights were introduced to the market over whether glass neon lights or LED neon lights were superior. Traditional neon lights offer a dazzling lighting effect that is exceptionally bright and brilliant. Some times they seem to flash.

However, even though the colours have a high CRI (colour rendering index), the brightness is not very high. Especially neon glass lights coated with phosphor are affected by this. A process known as phosphorescence occurs when a phosphor changes the color of light while also reducing its brightness.

With LED neon lights, there are no gaps, spots, or shadows between the light segments. The effect of these neon lights makes them appear less striking bright colours in the pink and blue spectrums of the round gateway lighting, despite their higher luminance than glass neon lights.

Here are some comparisons between LED neon and traditional neon:

 1. Where does the light come from?

In a classic glass neon, light is provided by neon gas fluorescent lamps. LEDs save energy and are more environmentally friendly than neon gas lamps.

2. How long will they last?

Glass neon was once the industry standard due to its long life expectancy. However, LED technology quickly rendered glass neon obsolete. A neon glass tube typically has a life expectancy of 10,000 hours.

LED neon lights can illuminate your space for up to 30,000 hours or longer. They have a three-fold increase in life expectancy compared to traditional neon lights.

3. Which of the two is more durable?

It’s never nice to have to replace your company’s signage after an accident. Given that glass neon is extremely delicate, you can expect your sign to break if you drop it. LED neon products are manufactured with PVC, which makes them flame retardant and able; as a result, they are unlikely to break even if dropped.

4. Which one is easier to install and customize?

It is very easy to install LED neon lights. Even a rookie technician can install them, such as a business owner who takes pride in doing their own repairs. Additionally, they can be bent, cut, and sculpted to fit almost any figure and are very versatile. In contrast, glass neon requires the expertise of an artisan with extensive experience in manufacture, development, and installation.

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