What Is Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate Online Procedure?

Encumbrance Certificate
Encumbrance Certificate

The State Government of Karnataka introduced Kaveri Online Services in November 2018. This portal’s main objective is to simplify the application process for Encumbrance Certificates for state citizens. All you need to do is log in to the portal, provide a few essential details of the rented or purchased property, and upload the documents to complete the process. 

All these will be completed more quickly if you know the entire procedure beforehand. So, read this article to know about it and other essential details. 

How to Obtain Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka Online and Offline?

You can get an Encumbrance Certificate online as well as offline. So, take a look at stepwise guides for each mode which are mentioned below:

  • Online Process 

Listed below are a few simple steps to apply for an EC in Karnataka online:

Step 1: Visit Kaveri Online Services. Log in with your credentials. If you have not registered to the portal previously, select ‘Register as New User’ to build your new account.

Step 2: Click on ‘Online EC’ from the ‘Services’ option and choose the property registration duration. Besides, enter additional property-related required details.

Step 3: Select ‘Send OTP to View Document’. Type in the OTP you received on your registered contact number in the appropriate field and tap on ‘View Document’.

Step 4: You can now see or download the Encumbrance Certificate by selecting ‘Check to Apply for Digitally Signed EC’.

Step 5: Select ‘View Document’. A PDF will open, and tap on ‘Proceed’ to download the file.

Step 6: Finally, pay the required fees to complete this process.

After making your payment, the system will generate a payment receipt. Here, you need to select ‘Refresh Payment Status’. Next, your application for an Encumbrance Certificate will be submitted to the relevant authority and saved as ‘Pending/Saved Application’ for processing.

Note that you cannot get an EC online with a digital signature. However, if you want the same, you can request a signed copy from an appropriate authority.

  • Offline Process 

If you do not have access to the internet, follow this stepwise guide to apply for an EC in Karnataka offline:

Step 1: Collect Form 22 to apply for an Encumbrance Certificate offline in Karnataka.

Step 2: Fill in this form with relevant information. Attach attested documents, which include a copy of address proof, title details and property documents, to mention a few.

Step 3: Pay the appropriate fees depending on the requested duration of encumbrance. 

After completing this process, a concerned authority will check indexes for information. After that, you will receive an Encumbrance Certificate with details of transactions within a particular duration. Note that the concerned authority will grant a Nil Encumbrance Certificate if there are no transactions. 

What Are the Documents Required to Get an Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka?

Submit the following documents when applying for an Encumbrance Certificate in Karnataka:

  • Attested copy of a property’s address proof 
  • A copy of all past deeds executed on a property, like a release deed, sales deed, partition deed, etc. 
  • Property details 
  • The registered book number, deed number, CD or volume number and your signature affixed with these documents 
  • Desired duration of an Encumbrance Certificate 
  • The purpose of getting an Encumbrance Certificate
  • Aadhaar card 
  • Property card, if any
  • A copy of Power Attorney if an attorney holder drafts the application

What Are the Fees Required to Apply for Encumbrance Certificates in Karnataka?

You need to pay the following charges to get anEncumbrance Certificate in Karnataka:

  • Application charges – Rs. 5
  • To get EC for the first year – Rs. 30 
  • To get EC for the following years – Rs. 10

How to Check the Application Status of Encumbrance Certificates in Karnataka?

Go through the following steps mentioned below to track the status of your application for an Encumbrance Certificate:

Step 1: Visit and log in to Kaveri Online Services.

Step 2: Select ‘Online EC Application from the option ‘Service Type’

Step 3: If the certified Encumbrance Certificate is available online, you can download the document in PDF format. 

What Is the Process to Update Encumbrance Certificates in Karnataka?

If you find any inaccurate information in your Encumbrance Certificate, you must submit a rectification deed to your sub-registrar’s office.  

Note that a rectification deed can help you to correct clerical mistakes in your Encumbrance Certificate. However, you cannot use it to make alterations to your original document, which means errors will remain, and the same will reflect on your Encumbrance Certificate. 

Therefore, check the submitted details carefully while applying for an EC in Karnataka. 

To conclude, Kaveri Online Services has streamlined the application process for an Encumbrance Certificate. In this regard, make sure you keep the abovementioned details in mind to apply for the same without any hassle. 


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