What is an AS Broadcast Script?

AS Broadcast Script,

When you look at an AS Broadcast Script, it resembles a screenplay. But on the other hand, the post-production script describes the precise dialogue with visuals of television, video, to movie content scene-by-scene.

Hence, the difference between an AS Broadcast Script and a screenplay is that writing a screenplay means you have no time codes but is actually the writer’s visualization put on paper. While the AS Broadcast Script is your final representation of the completed video or movie with time codes.

AS Broadcast Script in Detail

When you look at the AS Broadcast Script, it comprises different sections:

  • You have your time code as the ASBS starts with a time at which action takes place. It is the first frame of your scene.
  • Then you have the location and time under the time code, and the line establishes the location and time of the action taking place. Hence, it will start by indicating the scene inside or outside written as Int. or Ext. So, it shows the location and time of the day.
  • Next, you have the visual description to represent any action on the screen. It can be a bit complex when needed. Hence, it contains detail with forced narratives such as graphics, lower-thirds, graphic elements, or subtitles visible on the screen.
  • Then you have the speaker identification written in UPPERCASE followed by the dialogue. Finally, the section describes how the conversation takes place. It is the audible part of most scenes, including inaudible sound effects from a sigh to whimpering not heard. Even the music is described with lyrics of a song added to this part.

The Difference Between CCSL and AS Broadcast Script

The Combined Continuity and Spotting List is a post-production script making up the final broadcast of a TV show, video, or movie shown in written text. It provides a shot-by-shot description of the audible and visual content of the media.

The CCSL also includes a frame-precise time code with a visual description of any action on the screen, graphics, lower-thirds, dialogue, and forced narratives. While the AS Broadcast Script has similar features, it captures the production’s end result.

The Use of CCSL

The paper form serves as a legal use for video content for distribution internationally. In addition, it serves as a guide to compliance with censorship officers that need the information to set up legal standards in a region. It also helps with subtitling and dubbing media content in different languages with annotated dialogues. Yet, writing is a labor-intensive document as every detail goes into this list.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want CCSL or AS Broadcast Script done, it helps to get the best closed captioning services to help. The majority of this content needs a well-trained writer and not just done by anyone like an algorithm. So, find a writer with years of experience to help.

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