What is a Website Builder? How it is Different from a Coded Website?


When you start a firm, you are suddenly expected to be an authority in every industry. You also need to learn how to build websites, which is crucial. A website serves as your online business card. You search for information on this topic on Google and discover a wealth of engaging articles on expert website builders. They are a new name to you, but they seem like the perfect solution for you. You will discover this vital information about free website templates, and if you consider it, you might make the ideal website. The truth is that website builders are fantastic solutions, and it has good advantages. Let’s see about the website builder and how it is different from a coded website:

What is a website builder? 

Software enabling users to create websites without writing code is a website builder. Anyone may use today’s site builders to their full potential without coding knowledge. Making a website and publishing content is quite simple. A simple blog site may be created and printed using WordPress or Wix in less than a day.

How it is different from a coded website?

The amount of work involved in producing the finished output is the fundamental distinction between using a website builder and writing the code from scratch. The website builder is an uncomplicated, step-by-step process that includes drag-and-drop components for quick building. Even with pre-designed themes that must be modified to suit your business, you effectively start with a blank canvas when you code.

Ease of use

A website builder is made user-friendly, and people created these tools in response to the desire for accessibility in website construction. The average person may easily understand this step-by-step approach to creating a website since they are naturally wise. Furthermore, since you are not coding the website yourself, there is a decreased possibility of error.

Existing templates

When using a website builder to create your site, there are many themes to select from. With this benefit, you can choose a readymade design and layout that you can modify to suit your particular requirements. Web development describes the process of creating websites on the Internet.

All in one package

A website builder often serves as your one-stop shop for launching your website immediately. It offers hosting and critical security features like secure site licencing and lets you choose a domain name. You can pay one payment and receive everything you need to keep your website online and working rather than buying these things separately and connecting them yourself.

Drag-and-drop interface

The simplicity with which you may choose what you want and add it to the page however you like is a big benefit of website builders. It takes a few clicks to create your website using this user-friendly interface to drag and drop various pieces onto each page.


Regarding website installation costs, website builders are at the lower end of the scale. Typically, you can also choose to pay monthly for the service. Small business owners would benefit from being able to spend less on their website and use that money toward other aspects of their company.

Final words

The above mentioned are about the website builder and how it differs from a coded website. Compared to coding, website development is a more user-friendly and cost-effective option for design.


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