What Is a Network Security Assessment and Do You Need One?

network security assessment

Do you fear the threat of your company being hacked or breached?

In today’s digital age, it’s important to keep your company’s network secure. Many threats are present nowadays, so you can never be too sure about this.

In this article, we’ll explain what a network security assessment is and when you might need one.

What is a Network Security Assessment?

A network security assessment is a thorough review of your network security and practices. It’s done to identify weaknesses in your network that hackers can use to gain access. It is usually done internally or externally, which you can discover more here.

The main goal is to find and focus on risks to your company’s network and suggest steps to reduce those risks. This includes finding and fixing vulnerabilities in software and hardware.

It can also help in improving your network’s design and architecture. It also aids in implementing security best practices and policies. Finally, it tests the effectiveness of current security measures.

Types of Network Security Assessments

Your company can choose from different types of assessments based on its needs and goals. Some common network security assessment services include these four types.

Vulnerability Assessments

This looks for network vulnerabilities that are exploitable by hackers. It can include finding and fixing vulnerabilities in software and hardware. It can also include implementing best practices to prevent new vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessments

This type of assessment identifies and prioritizes risks to your company’s network. It involves analyzing the potential impact of a security breach. Also, the likelihood of it happening and making recommendations for reducing those risks.

Compliance Assessments

This assessment makes sure your company follows relevant industry regulations and standards. This includes the HIPAA or PCI DSS. It also involves reviewing your company’s policies and procedures. This ensures they meet the required standards and recommends any necessary changes.

Penetration Testing

This type of assessment simulates a cyber attack on your company’s network. This will identify exploitable vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It’s often done by an external organization that specializes in penetration testing.

Do You Need a Network Security Assessment?

Whether your company needs one depends on several factors. These are the network size, complexity, and sensitivity of the transmitted data. The potential impact of a security breach is also considered. It’s generally a good idea to do this often.

This ensures their networks are secure. This also finds any potential vulnerabilities before hackers do. This can help reduce security breach risks and protect from negative consequences.

Some signs include experiencing a past security breach and handling sensitive data. Industry regulations compliance, internal changes, or not doing one in the past year are also all signs.

Conducting a Network Security Assessment

Conducting a network security assessment can be a complex and time-consuming process. But it’s essential for protecting your company’s network and data.

Make sure you’re finding and fixing vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your network. That way, your company can reduce the risk of a security breach. You can also protect against negative consequences that could result from a breach.

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