What Is 5-Axis CNC Machining and How Does It Work

Precision Machined components in India

From simple machinery tools to complex & more accurate ones, CNC machining technology has evolved as a game changer & gifted with top-notch technology in the past decade. The most advanced machining processing available in the market is the 5-Axis CNC machining process, it is a quick, reliable & far more accurate & sophisticated processing tool. To provide infinite possibilities in cutting, & parts creation, the 5-Axis CNC machining process uses subtractive machining technology. The technology simply uses the 5 Axis for cutting workpieces into multiple desired shapes & sizes that are highly accurate & quick.

The 5-Axis CNC Machining process offers precision & increased levels of accuracy in cutting parts, it is efficient & reliable. As there are an increased number of axes in the cutting process, it outperforms the capabilities of the previous generation of machining tools. The CNC process is a complete control of an automated numerical computer which is very reliable & automated as it is entirely controlled by the computer. This results in a good deal of reliability of many trusted CNC machine shops on this technology of precision machined components.

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How Does The 5-Axis CNC Machine Work

Just like the previous generation of CNC machines, the 5-Axis CNC machine also relies on the instructions given by the computer.

All the instructions that are programmed in the computer are executed by the machine to control the movement of the cutting workpiece. A 3D CAD model of the desired parts & components are created before the 5-Axis CNC begins its cutting process.

Once the CAD model is ready, it is exported to CAM software that converts it into a computer program known as (G-Code). The following G-Code contains all the road maps for the machine to follow while cutting the components from the X, Y & Z axes. The pathway also helps control the direction, workability & rotation from the A to B axes while cutting the components.

This entire process helps cut the machining of 5 faces of the workplace with one setup, this dynamic process helps to save manufacturing time & cost, helping you to get your product’s market faster. But it’s still to be noted that the direction, speed & movement totally depends on the configuration of the 5-Axis machine.

Advantages of 5-Axis CNC Machine

The 5-Axis CNC machine holds the advantage in its ability to move the cutting face up to 5 times at the same time, giving it the upper hand over the previous generations of CNC machines, as it can help speed up the process & make it more cost-efficient in the fabrication of complex parts & components, connecting to a CNC components manufacturer can help you get that customized CNC machine according to your requirement. Following are the advantages of the 5-Axis CNC machine.

Simple Setup

Machining of 5 phases can be done simultaneously with the help of its 5-Axis cutting technique. In a single structure, the 5-Axis technology can complete the machining of countered parts in many faces. This dynamic allows the manufacturer to manufacture parts with complex geometric in fewer setups.

High Precision & Reliability

The 5-Axis CNC Machine involves fewer setups, this automatically reduces the possibilities of errors, & helps gain more accuracy. The new generation of 5-Axis machines eliminate the need to re-position the workpiece during machining. This ensures an improvement in machine tolerance, some new versions of the machine also offer shorter cutting tools which increases the lifespan of the tools, ensuring reliability.

High Cutting Speed

Being tangential to the cutting surface, the 5-Axis cutting tool ensures high speed in the machining of parts. This dynamic also ensures the removal of material every time the tool rotates. This lowers the cycle time & entire machining process.

Save Cycle Time & Money

Because of the high speed & advanced processes, the 5-Axis machined parts are often completed in a single operation. Even the single setup helps save a lot of time when it comes to manufacturing components on a mass level. The major benefit is that the 5-Axis machine can be fully automated, and controlled by a single computer. This helps reduce the labor cost, time & money.

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