What Does a Financial Advisor Do? A Helpful Guide

what does a financial advisor do

You would think that managing money would be simple, but that’s not the case. You need to keep track of countless things, and many people don’t have the time to do the research they need for success.

That’s why many people turn to financial advisors to get help. It’s so popular that the industry’s market size is $59.3 billion.

Do you want to answer the question, “what does a financial advisor do?” Keep reading to learn what a financial advisor role will entail.

Understand Someone’s Financial Situation

When consulting with someone, a financial advisor must figure out their current financial situation. They’ll learn what expenses there are and the income someone has. From there, they better understand someone’s current resources and what they’re capable of doing.

This is necessary because everyone’s financial situation is unique. Advice that works for one person may not work for another. Knowing someone’s current financial situation will help a financial advisor tailor their advice to help someone improve the situation they’re currently in.

Help Create a Budget

The number one thing people can do to improve their financial standing is to create a budget. That’s why a budget is one of the most common tactics a financial advisor uses.

It doesn’t matter what types of financial advisors you hire, either. The more free cash you have, the better you are set up to achieve your financial goals.

One of the most common ways an advisor will do this is to figure out what unnecessary expenses someone has. They’ll help clients go through their costs and eliminate or reduce things they don’t need.

Creating Life Goals

Getting your budget under control is all well and good. However, it isn’t worth much if you don’t have a goal for the future. All you’ll do is stash money in a bank account and not do much more.

You need to have a goal for the future. That means having an age in mind when you want to retire and how comfortably you want to live in retirement.

A financial advisor will help you determine these goals. They’ll help you understand how much money you need to retire at your chosen age. This information helps determine what actions to take in the future and how much money you need to invest in making your goals happen.

Offer Investment Advice

It won’t be enough for most people to simply save their money. Inflation occurs every year, making money in your bank account worth less every year. Even worse, you earn little to no interest on your money when you go this route.

You’ll set yourself up for the future by investing your money. A financial advisor will consider your risk tolerance and create an investment plan to help grow your wealth. In most cases, this will be market investments in safe buys that go up a little every year.

Your compound interest will help grow your money and set yourself up by your retirement age.

Of course, you can also find an alternative investment platform that offers more investment variety. If you want to invest in things other than safe index funds and bonds, your financial advisor will help you find an investment that will meet your needs.

Manage Your Debt

Unfortunately, debt is common for many people in today’s world. People carry more debt than ever, whether it’s student debt you can’t get rid of or massive credit card bills that you need to take out just to get by.

The good news is that you can take small actions that gradually reduce the amount of money you owe. However, coming up with a plan isn’t easy.

A financial advisor is someone you can turn to if you want to get help. Your financial advisor will look at your current debt and devise a plan to eliminate everything. They’ll help you focus on paying down the highest interest debt that costs you the most and gradually reduce what you owe until you’re debt free.

Once you don’t have any more debt, you can take advantage of the other services a financial advisor offers and set yourself up for a better future.

Estate Planning

People overlook what happens to their money and assets after they die when planning their finances. If they have a lot of people in their family, who gets what? Another thing people like to do is sell everything and give what they have to charity.

Unfortunately, financial planning isn’t always straightforward in this case. You need to overcome many legal hurdles, and learning what you need isn’t always easy if you have a lot of assets.

A financial advisor can help you through this process. An advisor with experience drafting wills and planning estates will ensure you do all the proper paperwork and planning to ensure your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away. You won’t need to worry about chaos when your estate needs to be handled and can rest easy knowing the people you want to pass your wealth to will get what they deserve.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do? Now You Know

Financial advisors are a great option for people who need help managing their finances. It’s also a great career for people who are great at handling money and believe they can help others succeed in life.

Now that you can answer the question, “what does a financial advisor do?” you should have what you need to understand the financial advisor’s responsibilities. Keep them in mind if you’re considering starting a new career or need help with your finances.

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