What are the different types of MBA Programs in India?

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The business world is very attractive to people who want to make it big and aren’t afraid to take risks and assume responsibility. Whether you want to be a manager at an international corporation or start your own business, an MBA degree is a great choice to expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, meet like-minded business people and entrepreneurs and learn how to approach business situations from different perspectives.

General or regular MBA programmes include courses in Finance, Marketing, Management, Strategy, Economics, and so on. They have a complete approach and don’t focus on one subject in particular. The professors’ goal is to make you an overall better businessman/businesswoman and provide the necessary support to take the next step in your career.

But what if you want to take an MBA and specialise in a certain subject, like Marketing or Finance. Is it possible?

Yes! There are many specialised MBA courses, designed to advance certain skills which are relevant in your chosen business area. Here are some of the most popular MBA specialisations:

MBA in Marketing

MBAs in Marketing are a great choice if you’re interested in a managerial or administrative marketing position. While the Marketing MBA includes general business courses, it places a high emphasis on developing your marketing-related skills and knowledge.

Typical subjects include Marketing Research, Branding, Advertising Management, Product Development, Digital Marketing, etc. After graduation, you can occupy various positions.

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MBA in Digital Marketing

We’re all well aware of the increasing importance of digital marketing and thus, many institutes have started offering an MBA in Digital Marketing which is an extension of traditional marketing skills. This is a recent addition to the MBA specializations and also one of the most successful ones.

An MBA in Digital Marketing equips you with an intense array of digital skills like SEO, SEM, SMM, Website building, Content Management, Email Marketing, and a lot more along with managerial skills.

MBA in Finance

A finance manager’s responsibility is to plan and control the financial resources and assets of the company. The role of analyzing the financial risk and managing it also falls under this. An MBA in Finance prepares you to perform accounting, work in the money markets, banking, international finance as well as privatization. 

MBA in Human Resources

Human Resource Management is one of the most popular MBA specialisations. This MBA degree allows students to take their human resource skills to the next level while gaining a better understanding of business administration, strategy, and other business-related subjects.

Popular courses during an MBA in Human Resource Management include Organisational Behaviour, Negotiation, Business Law, Managerial Finance, and others.

MBA in Business Management

Thanks to globalization, top MNC’s have set up in the Indian markets which have subsequently increased the demand for business experts. Thus, an MBA in Business Management teaches you all the aspects of business such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Retail, and more.

This MBA Specialization prepares you as an all-rounder and is also a preferred choice for those individuals who want to manage their own business or open a venture in the future.

MBA in Rural Management

An increasing number of young learners are inclining towards rural development in reference to the changing socio-economic policies of the government. An MBA in Rural Management trains you in planning and controlling activities in the agricultural sector.

This MBA Specialization will require you to work closely with the farmers and the villagers of India. Many institutes offer a compulsory internship where you will have to stay in remote villages and carry out your research and studies.

MBA in Event Management

Event management has picked up immensely in recent years and is a very good career option. An MBA in Event Management teaches you how to understand and bracket a specific target audience for the event, pick themes relevant to them, arrange for logistics, heavy promotion of the event, giving an estimated budget for the event, and successfully managing the event.

Two major aspects of event management are Crisis Management and Heavy Coordination. Without these 2, events can turn into chaos and the worst nightmare for the event manager.

MBA in Management Information System

MBAs in Management Information Systems teach future graduates how to design, implement, and use various advanced programmes and systems which manage the constantly growing amount of data used by companies.

Management Information Systems (MIS) are used to collect, store, and organise information. Based on the analysis of this information, users can generate detailed reports and use them to evaluate the overall performance, make changes, and offer feedback.

During an MIS MBA, you can expect to take courses in Business Analytics, E-Strategy & Management Information Systems, Data Management, Data Visualisation, Risk Management & Decision Making, etc.

MBA in Operations Management

MBAs in Operations Management develop the students’ analytical skills and teach them how to use mathematical models and systems. This knowledge allows future graduates to improve the quality of products and services while reducing production costs.

These are some of the specialised courses you’ll take: Business Analytics, Mathematical Modelling, Data Logistics, Analysis & Interpretation, Operations Strategy, etc.

You’ll finish an Operations Management MBA in 1 or 2 years. Don’t have enough time for a traditional degree? You can always check out the top rated MBA colleges on QS I-GAUGE.

MBA in Logistics Management

Logistics management is a very crucial concept under supply chain management. To plan, implement and control the incoming and outgoing of raw materials and finished products for the production of an organization is the main task of a logistics manager.

This MBA specialization also prepares you to come up with new and effective methods to manage the logistics thereby reducing the time & cost and increasing the production levels.

MBA in Healthcare Management

The covid-19 pandemic has surely made us all realize that we not only need more healthcare workers but also a systematic healthcare management system. An MBA in Healthcare Management can be opted by all those interested in the field of pharmaceutical, insurance organizations, and hospitals.

This MBA specialization prepares you to manage the healthcare system with greater stress on how to manage during a healthcare crisis.

Bottom Line

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