What Are the Common Causes of Leg Pain?


Around 50 million people suffer from chronic pain daily. For example, some people might have back pain, while others have neck pain. However, many people also suffer from leg pain.

If you have leg pain and don’t know the reason, you might want to research the causes of leg pain. After all, you’ll need to determine the cause of the pain to find a solution for treating it.

Keep reading this guide to learn more about the common causes of leg pain and how to treat these problems.

Musculoskeletal Issues

Musculoskeletal issues involve specific parts of the legs, including the tendons, joints, and muscles. People who feel pain in their ankles or knees often suffer from musculoskeletal issues.

You might also experience cramps in your calves or thighs, and this pain also falls into this category.

Additionally, many people experience leg problems from fractures. For example, you might fracture a bone in your leg from falling. You can also experience fractures from car accidents and other types of accidents.

You can visit your general practitioner for help if you have these problems.

Your doctor might recommend x-rays to determine if you have a fracture. Doctors might also suggest MRIs to look closer at the area with pain. Your doctor might refer you to a specialist afterward.

Neurological Issues

Nerve pain is hard for people to describe. Additionally, it can be hard for doctors to diagnose and treat it. However, many people suffer from neurological issues that cause leg pain.

Therefore, if you’re trying to determine your leg pain causes, you might discover that you have a neurological problem.

Restless legs syndrome is an example of a neurological issue that causes leg pain. This health issue results in strange pain and a desire to move your legs.

Another issue causing leg pain is peripheral neuropathy. This condition is common for people with diabetes but can also affect others. It leave you feeling pain in your legs or feet, and you might also feel numbness.

You can visit a neurologist if you suffer from a condition caused by nerve pain.

Vascular Issues

Poor blood flow also leads to leg problems, and these issues fall into the category of vascular health.

For example, you might develop varicose veins if you have poor blood flow to your legs. These veins are very painful but doctors offer leg pain treatment for them.

Peripheral artery disease is another cause of vascular leg pain. This condition affects the blood vessels near your brain and heart and often leads to extreme leg pain.

If you suspect your leg pain results from a vascular issue, you can find vascular clinics here. You’ll benefit by seeing a doctor specializing in vascular health.

Consider These Causes of Leg Pain

As you consider these causes of leg pain, you’ll know how to solve the issues. You don’t have to live with leg pain, as doctors can treat most of the causes. So seek help from the right doctor today.

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