What Are the Benefits of Using a Phone Screen Protector?


Did you know that more than 87 million people accidentally damaged their smartphones across the United States in 2020? The unfortunate reality is that as essential as smartphones are for daily life, they’re quite fragile. There is a small margin for error if you want to keep your phone in mint condition for the life of your phone contract.

Using a phone case makes a lot of sense for phone protection but you should also consider the benefits of using a phone screen protector. Phone screen protectors will keep your screen from getting scratches and cracks as you manage your daily life.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn all about the phone screen protector benefits that you’ll enjoy when you install one on your new phone. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know from this phone screen protector guide today!

More Privacy

Depending on the phone screen protector that you go with you can get some serious privacy benefits. If you’re worried that someone might try to steal some of your personal information when you’re using your phone in public areas then it’s best to get a privacy screen protector.

The phone screen protector uses will keep your screen safe and prevent people from seeing what you’re doing. You’ll have no problems if you’re looking directly at the screen. People sitting next to you won’t see anything.

Better Appearance

Having a phone screen protector is also a great way to enhance your appearance as you move through your day. Many screen protectors come with a mirrored finish which you can use to check to see if you need to fix your hair or your makeup. It’s also a great way to make sure that you don’t have anything in your teeth in a discreet manner.

Glare Reduction

Using a smartphone when the sun is out is frustrating and tricky depending on the angle of the sun. Getting a good phone screen protector will fix this issue by reducing the glare and making it easier to see your phone’s screen in daylight. A matte screen protector works by making reflected images less consistent on your phone screen.

Bright lights will no longer harm your eyes and make it difficult to read the message and text on your phone screen. You can use your devices with much greater levels of comfort and ease. You can begin your search here if you’re in the market for a phone screen protector.

Decreased UV Damage

One thing that many people neglect to think about is the damage that ultraviolet rays can cause to your smartphone. Getting an anti-reflective phone screen protector is important because it will bend light and decrease the damage that it causes as it passes into your phone’s screen. You’ll have no problem reading the text on your phone even when there is bright light on the screen.

Fewer Fingerprints

It doesn’t take long for your smartphone’s screen to start collecting an impressive number of fingerprints. If you don’t like the look of fingerprints all over your phone’s screen then you should consider getting a phone screen protector that is tailor-made for that purpose.

Phone screen protectors that use a lipophobic coating are a sure way to reduce the number of fingerprints that make their way onto your screen when you’re using your phone. These screen protectors use a technology that repels the oils that get produced by your skin.

Your screen will always look brand-new and free of any blemishes. It’s a great way to keep your phone looking incredible, and you’ll get top dollar for it when it comes time to upgrade to a new phone.

Dirt Repellent

Another big benefit of getting a phone screen protector is the way that it will protect your phone’s screen from dirt and other debris. If you spend a lot of time outside working or enjoying quality time with Mother Nature then a good phone screen protector is a must-have accessory.

It doesn’t take much for your phone’s screen to get coated with a mix of oils, fingerprints, and dirt. Using phone screen protector tips for installation will make it easier to keep your phone screen spotless going forward. 


In a world that is still experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps the best benefit of getting a phone screen protector installed on your smartphone is the fact that they provide anti-bacterial benefits. These phone screens are designed to prevent bacteria from growing and thriving on the screen of your smartphone.

Close to 100 percent of bacteria will die after it makes their way onto your phone screen. If you work in a school or medical setting then a phone case that provides protection from harmful bacteria is a must-have. You can rest easy knowing that your phone and the people around you are safe from bacterial infections.


The most common way that people end up damaging their smartphone screen is by dropping their phone. Having a phone case will help to mitigate some of the damage, but the screen is often the most fragile part of a phone. Good phone screen protectors will absorb the shock of the drop and take the damage so that your phone’s touchscreen doesn’t have to.

Tempered glass is the best option if you’re worried about dropping and breaking your phone’s screen. It will allow your screen to resist damage from scratches as well as from cracking or shattering should something go wrong.

Start Shopping for the Right Phone Screen Protector Today

Getting a phone screen protector makes a lot of sense if you have a history of dropping phones and breaking screens. The phone screen protector benefits extend from additional privacy to protection from bacteria. You can also take the strain off of your eyes and protect your screen from shattering with the best phone screen protectors.

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