Custom Wedding Koozies Ideas: How To Serve Drinks At Your Event


Everybody knows that planning a wedding can be very time-consuming and draining. For this event type, one of the most important aspects that you need to get right is “how to serve your guests with suitable drinks”. People have different drink tastes and because of this reason, you need to focus more on this aspect. To make things a lot less stressful for you, this article will provide you with a few custom wedding koozies ideas on how to serve drinks at your upcoming event.


As you read further, you’ll also understand why shopping for bulk custom koozies on 24-Hour Wristbands is certainly worth it.

Are custom drink koozies worth the hype today?

The simple answer is yes; custom drink koozies are certainly worth buying for various occasions. You’ll certainly find these beverage insulators handy when organizing your birthday party or wedding ceremony.


For wedding events, customized koozies are effective for keeping your drinks cool for a long period. That aside; you’ll also find these products handy to protect your event tables.


Furthermore, when customized the right way, you can always use custom koozies to increase the beauty of your event decorations. You can even customize these insulators in such a way that helps your guest to understand the suitable drinks for them.

How do you use wedding koozies when serving your drinks?

  1. Event theme

The very first idea for serving drinks at your wedding has a lot to do with your event theme. Yes, consider the color schemes and description schemes for your event. You can always use these themes when selecting your custom koozies. Not just that; you’ll also be creating an engaging experience for your guest if you choose your drinks based on your different themes.

  1. Personalization matters a lotĀ 

Why call it custom koozies if you haven’t customized these drink coolies to deliver you a personalized experience?


Today, there are a few ways to customize your coolies to achieve the best results. One of them is by choosing koozies that match the types of drinks you’ll be serving at your wedding. In addition, you can also customize these insulators by printing your names on their front ends. That’s not all; other things you can consider printing on your coolies are your monogram, image, wedding date, and many more.

  1. Calligraphy statement

Adding a pretty simple calligraphy quote to your koozies will certainly make your wedding event more memorable. When using this idea, you need to first identify your wedding palette. After that, all you need is to go for a hue that matches the already identified event palette.

  1. Greenery

Is your wedding ceremony going to be an outdoor thing? If yes, a very good idea is that you should serve your drinks with custom koozies that feature green hues. You can also customize the coolies further by adding a greenery illustration to them.

Where to find custom wedding coolies?

Custom drink koozies have a way of making your events feel more memorable. If you’re ready to shop for the best products, 24-Hour Wristbands is one of the few stores you can trust. You’ll be able to work with a team of experts to customize these coolies just the way you like them. Speak to us to learn more about how the customization of wedding koo

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