Wedding Flower Guide: Flower Arrangements For Every Budget


Good flower decoration is the soul of any wedding. With so many other preparations, a wedding flower guide is almost mandatory. It can seem daunting when you have never arranged flowers for an event. Whatever your floral vision is, a guide always comes in handy. Here are some tips from experts to imbibe while taking care of the preparations:

Wedding Flower Guide I: Essential Tips

Making a Budget:

The most vital part is budget allocation. An ideal limit is about 8-10% of the wedding budget. It determines the type of flowers you can use in the flower arrangements. The wedding flower arrangement cost is the first and foremost thing to deal with.

A high budget allows for exotic flowers and elaborate designs. For tighter budgets, the recommendation is greenery bouquets with floral accents. The price does not determine the size of the sprigs and the centerpieces. Large-sized but available sprays can be more affordable than smaller out-of-season flowers. A list of some inexpensive flowers depending on the seasons is below.

Finding A Wedding Florist

Hiring a good wedding florist who can help with the wedding flower packages you want is essential. They are lifesavers when professional input is needed. It can be as simple as picking between two flowers or as complex as the locations of the arrangements. An experienced florist can help create the perfect wedding flower guide.

Giving them a general theme idea can help elevate it on a budget. Trust their expertise! Nevertheless, refrain from settling on any florist. Look at their previous works and choose one that matches the idea of your perfect wedding decor.


Choosing a spot also affects the choice and number of flowers. If the couple chooses a venue they love, less decor creates the desired results. Else, satisfactory results would require a significant number of flowers. Picking the required look starts with the location.

The location also dictates the theme of the ceremony. Flowers are favored depending on the colors and shapes of the surroundings. It also depends on whether it is an outdoor or an indoor site. 

Gather Inspiration: 

Pinterest and social media are great places to start. Looking up recent trends is a great insight. You can even watch reruns of your favorite sitcom or wedding movie. It helps form an idea of what you want. It develops the likes and dislikes of the wedding flower arrangement you require. 

You can communicate it to your florist to create something you like. They can send samples to pick and choose from. If you have an overview, visions can come to life. You can even look up celebrity weddings and find more reasonable options. A high-class wedding on a budget only needs some creativity!

Picking Color and Design Scheme: 

A color scheme helps choose the flowers. Common flowers that come in popular colors are roses, dahlias, and lilies. They come in white to yellow tints as well as in blush. Providing color swatches can help find the perfect match to the venue’s color scheme.

Additionally, you can also have a contrasting color flower decor. Selecting flowers complementary to the color palette is a bold choice. It will give a fresh look and bring focus to the decorations. Centerpieces and bouquets designed in this theme will be phenomenal. Executing this plan for a dull venue with the help of a wedding flower guide would make memorable pictures. 

Take Advantage Of The Season: 

In-season blooms can capture the wedding vibe. It is great for tighter budgets. A local flower option also provides a fresher variant while supporting local vendors. You can control the quality without worrying about the budget.

You can choose Out-of-season flowers or tropical ones for a more relaxed budget. However, the high price does not guarantee freshness. Vibrant local flowers are a win over dull foreign flower. 


Wedding Flower Guide ii: The Types

Bridal Bouquets: 

It is the most compelling arrangement to nail down. Splurge as it is the most photographed piece in the entire wedding. The pricing is independent of the bridal bouquet size. You can have a more inexpensive but flamboyant bouquet by choosing wisely. 


Below is a bridal bouquet size guide:

X-Large: 34 to 35 inches

Large: 30 to 31 inches

Medium: 27 to 28 inches

Small: 23 to 24 inches

Mini Toss: 19 to 20 inches

Diva Peti: 12 to 14 inches

Peti: 6 to 7 inches

Bridesmaid Bouquets: 

They are personal pieces that can be traditional or trendy. It is as essential as the bridal bouquet. They can also be gathered and tied for the bouquet toss, a budget bridal bouquet tip.


Below is a rough bouquet size chart:

Flower Bouquet Small Arrangement Medium Arrangement Large Arrangement
Mixed Bouquet About 10  Around 18-20 Around 25-30
Peony flower Bouquet Around 3-4 Around 6-9 Around 10-12
Garden Rose Flower Bouquet Around 3-4 Around 6-9 Around 10-12
Hydrangea flower Bouquet Around 2-3 Around 4-5 Around 6-8
Rose flowers Bouquet Around 8-12 Around 18-20 Around 21-25
Baby’s Breath Bouquet Around ¼ of a bunch Around ½ of a bunch Around ¾ of a bunch -1 bunch


Ceremony Flowers:

Flowers can make a landscape dreamy. Incorporate flowers which add to the natural charm of the environment. Reception centrepieces should be subtle in scent but striking in appearance. Many non-traditional flower elements included can heighten the aura of the ceremony.


Below is a rough centerpiece sizing:


Arrangement Small Centerpiece Medium Centerpiece Large Centerpiece
Centerpiece 4″ by 4″ by 4″ Square Vase 10 Stems 15-20 Stems 25-30 Stems
Centerpiece in Mason Jars 6-8 Stems 10-15 Stems Not Recommended                


Boutonnieres and Corsages: 

These are the accents of the party. Groom’s Boutonniere matching the bridal bouquet is a clever addition. The less elaborate, the better. A single, wide wedding carnation matching the theme is a delicate touch.

Below is a rough size guide:

Arrangement Focal Flowers Filler/Secondary Flowers Greens
Boutonniere 1 Stems 2 Stems 1 pruned stem
Corsage 2 Stems 2 Stems Secondary

2 Stems Filler Flowers

1 pruned stem


Wedding Flower Guide III: Inexpensive Flowers


One can never go wrong with a romantic bunch of roses. These flowers are fit for all budgets. Availability and variety decide the price of roses. They are available in spring and summer.


These pale blooms are a must in a coastal-themed wedding. Their large size makes them a cost-effective choice for centrepieces. They blossom in late spring and summer.

Baby’s Breath

They are a splendid addition to earth or boho-themed weddings. The wispiness of the breath gives an ethereal ambience. Shaping it into flower crowns is also a good choice. It is usually available during the fall season.


White daisies are a classic in most wedding ceremonies. They are versatile as they can easily be tinted in any colour using food colouring of choice. They make up the base or filler in flower arrangements. They blossom from late spring till late fall.

Daisy Spray: 

These wildflowers are from the mums family. These multiple tiny daisy-like blossoms give off a rugged feeling. They gloom in every season.


It blooms in late spring or early summer. They have a long vase life of up to two weeks or more. They come in 150 shades. It can be in white, pink, red and purple, or any tint. It is commonly known as the Peruvian lily.


Their beautiful long stems make an elegant tall decor at any event. Their unique petal pattern adds charm to the bouquet or the centrepieces. They are usually available year-round.

Lemon Leaves: 

Commonly known as salal, this greenery is cost-effective. Its exotic feel brings a certain romanticism to the set. Easily found all year round.


Preparing for a ceremony of such a grand scale can be strenuous. This wedding flower guide can help ease the process. Keep in mind the tips and the checklist. Trust your creativity. Happy wedding planning!

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