We know they exist, but they remain the things we can’t see We use them, feel them. But they remain things we can’t see.

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Have you ever noticed that every day we work with things we can’t see even in broad daylight? Our dependence on such invisible things is so high that even if one of them does not come to help us, we feel handicapped.

We may call ourselves the smartest species on the planet earth, but still, we are forced to grapple with many things we can’t see even after calling ourselves technologically advanced!

Here are 6 things that we know exist and even feel their presence, but still cannot see with our naked eyes:

  1. Electricity, magnetism and electromagnetic forces

For the last 2 centuries, electricity, magnetism and electromagnetic forces have shaped our lives. We can feel all three and can see things being done by them, but still, they top the list of things we can’t see. We can see them in different forms like lightning (electricity flowing as a spark), electric shock (electricity flowing through our bodies) or even getting our work done through electrical motors. But we still cannot see what electricity or magnetism looks like.

  1. Gravity

It was the year 1666 when one small apple fell on Newton’s head. What happened next need not be told. But since 1666, humanity has struggled to see what exactly gravity looks like. We feel its presence everywhere and in everything we do, we even take its help and use it for our benefit in multiple ways, but still, gravity remains a thing we can’t see. With every passing day, our knowledge of gravity and its uses is rising, but gravity itself remains invisible to us.

  1. The process of evolution

Scientists say that we humans have reached this stage after millions of years of evolution. When we compare this to the life of earth, this duration might seem like a split second. But unknown to us, our evolution is still underway. We humans and every other living fauna and flora around us are still evolving. However, evolution remains a thing we can’t see even when it is happening to us!

  1. The sweet smell of flowers

Ever been to a garden where you were left mesmerized by the scent of a flower the moment you took the first step? You knew which flower it was, you even knew where the smell was coming from, but you still couldn’t see any trace of the smell. Perfumery might be a million-dollar industry worldwide, but for every person who may even be remotely connected to this industry, the smell remains invisible. We may wear it, but the smell remains a thing we can’t see!  

  1. GPS Satellites

Our dependence on smartphones is increasing with every passing day. The location of the phone decides a host of things that you can do with it. GPS satellites work 24X7 to make sure that our smartphone always gets the exact location which in turn helps us make effective use of the phone. But to our naked eyes, the GPS satellite remains invisible. They are much larger compared to an ordinary human, but still, they remain a thing we can’t see.

  1. The back of your head!

We know it exists, we touch it many times in a day, and we even see it in others, but the back of our heads remains invisible to us. Unless you decide to take the help of mirrors or cameras, the back of our head remains a thing we can’t see.

So the next time you are using any of the above things, stop for a moment and make an attempt to see these things in their real form and not as their application. Who knows, you might discover something new and be termed as the reincarnation of Sir Isaac Newton!

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