UX/UI Design: Reasons Why Your Business Needs Them


Have you heard about UX and UI Design for companies? You know when we click on a link, and it takes a long time to open the site? Or when we enter a page, and it has a black background with tiny colored letters? Or even when we want to get in touch with the company and can’t find anything.

These are very boring experiences that every web surfer must have gone through at least once in their life. And, let’s face it, even the most patient get annoyed when things like that happen. UX and UI design is not just about making a website beautiful; it needs to provide a good user experience as well.

And that’s what this article is about. Lucky for you, we’ve listed 6 reasons that improve the customer experience. But, if you already want to leave your site with impeccable UX and UI, talk to us.

UX/UI Design for Business: Why Apply User Experience to My Website?

Steve Jobs said, and we quote, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”. Well, we believe that the words of the co-founder of Apple should not be ignored; see the brand’s success, right?

When we talk about design, we’re not just talking about the site’s aesthetics but how functional it is for the user. This means that not always that site that looks surprisingly beautiful is truly good. 

The customer can get a good impression when they enter your website, which can even make them stay there for a while. But users will quickly leave when they’re not comfortable enough or it isn’t easy to find what they want.

Therefore, investing in UX and UI techniques is important, so the user enjoys browsing your site. With that in mind, discover 6 reasons you MUST adhere to your website, so everyone enjoys browsing it.

Research who your customer is to offer the best

The UX and UI are techniques and elements that must be used for your website to provide the best experience for your customer. But if you don’t know your audience, how will you do that? So, researching and understanding the needs of your customer is critical. 

You can do behavioral surveys, tests to understand how users are doing when they contact your site, interviews with a specific group, etc. One tip is finding tools that provide your site feedback through heat maps, surveys, and other analyses.

UX and UI increase conversion rate.

Imagine you have a wonderful product, offer top-notch service and even invest a dollar in remarketing campaigns. Your website has started getting a lot of traffic. But is it really good for users? Do people find what they are looking for there? Are they finalizing their purchases?

Your website should be designed so that the content delivers to the user’s wants and effectively increases the user’s chances of staying on your page and making the purchase. When we improve user navigation, we increase engagement and facilitate the decision to make a purchase. All of this ends up increasing the conversion rate.

Usability keeps the user longer and more attentive to the content

Good usability makes all the difference to whoever is browsing your site. In a nutshell, usability is the user’s ease of dealing with your website. In other words, a website that is simple to navigate and offers the most practical way for users to perform actions makes them more interested in the content, staying there longer.

There are several practices that usability uses for this, from the color of buttons, a cleaner layout, ease of operations, error reduction (such as broken links, for example), and even gradual changes that aim to improve the experience.

Personalization is a path to customer loyalty.

Everyone likes to feel special, and you can be more closed off, but realizing that someone cares about you is very satisfying. Therefore, there are several strategies that you can adopt to make your client feel unique. It is possible, for example, to offer a bespoke product or service, customize offers, and offer exclusive content, among others. A branding agency in UAE can do all this simultaneously.

Thus, you end up strengthening the relationship with your customer and increasing the chances of him becoming a loyal customer. A loyal customer is a customer who will buy from you more often. It also allows this user to indicate your brand to other people.

Mobile-first and responsive design brings the consumer closer

We cannot deny the reality: people increasingly access the internet through smartphones. This means that your website must offer the best user experience and usability, regardless of which screen they access it.

Or also, in situations where your portal or website has specific features that cannot work in the same way as the desktop version, it must have a mobile version. To provide the best user experience, remember that different devices offer different experiences.

The design facilitates spontaneous disclosure.

We know that marketing techniques are increasingly advanced, and currently, promoting a product or service through a thorough analysis of how Google’s algorithms work is possible. Yet, to date, one of the most efficient and cost-effective advertisements for a brand is the old one called “word of mouth.” 

When a user enjoys using your product and has a natural and effective experience, such a user will recommend your product /services to others. You can adopt several strategies. But, all this must be done based on a lot of study and analysis of your product, your persona, market behavior, etc. 


So, if you want to improve the UX and UI of your website and boost conversions finding a web development company in UAE can help. Contact Design District today, the best web development and design company, to help you handle your company’s UI/UX design.

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