Upcoming Events to watch On BBC iPlayer 2022


Since BBC launched its on-demand video streaming platform, BBC iPlayer, life has improved considerably. After all, there is only so much Netflix and Amazon Prime (both of which feature excellent shows) that one could watch before running out of content!

The good thing about BBC iPlayer is that apart from regularly updating its show and movie portfolio, it also screens various events. As someone who despises the ad breaks between essential moments in sports and live shows, BBC iPlayer is my solace in 2022.

And it turns out that various fun events will be broadcast on the video streaming platform in the upcoming months.

Here are some highly anticipated upcoming events you can watch on BBC iPlayer from abroad as well!

Commonwealth Games 2022

Ask any British citizen, and they will tell you how fun watching the Commonwealth Games is. And once you get hooked on the international multi-sport event, there is no going back! This tournament features talented athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations.

The games will begin on July 28 and run till August 8, with the event being held in Birmingham, England. BBC iPlayer, BBC Sports, and Radio 5 will stream over 200 hours’ worth of content for the Commonwealth Games.

Live commentary on swimming, athletics, cricket, boxing, and netball will be streamed along with analysis by a renowned athlete Max Whitlock who is the winner of four Commonwealth Gold medals and three Olympic titles. He will be joined by Beth Tweddle and Michael Johnson for further insights.

Cycling commentary will be covered by Sir Chris Hoy, while Rebecca Adlington, Mark Foster, and Ellie Simonds will share live updates about the swimming games.

All in all, between expert analysis of the different categories and the live action, the sports event is touted as an all-engrossing event for BBC iPlayer subscribers.

Back in Time for Birmingham

This series was made keeping in mind the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham and will air simultaneously on BBC iPlayer and BBC TWO.

Presented by Noreen Khan and Dr. Yasmin Khan, the series sheds light on the arrival of South Asians in Birmingham in the 1950s and the rapid change in the life of the immigrants since then.

Considering over a quarter of Birmingham’s population is now that of South Asian Immigrants, the series pays homage to the city’s changing culture and demographics.

The Hundred 2022

Another event that cricket enthusiasts are waiting for is The Hundred 2022. This event is a relatively new competition where a 100-ball match is played between eight men’s and women’s teams, each of which originates from various cities in Wales and England.

The relatively shorter game (even shorter than T20) makes it a fun watch for casual watchers. BBC iPlayer will be covering the matches live. While the games begin on August 3, they will conclude on September 3 with two finals to be played in Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Apart from the two women’s games, all The Hundred 2022 matches will be available on BBC iPlayer. The broadcast team from the channel includes Issy Wong, Moeen Ali, Mark Wood, Dane van Niekerk, and Chris Jordan.

The schedules of the matches available for streaming are:

  • August 3: Welsh Fire v Southern Brave (Men’s)
  • August 6: Birmingham Phoenix v Trent Rockets (Men’s)
  • August 9: Trent Rockets v Northern Superchargers (Men’s)
  • August 11: Northern Superchargers v Oval Invincibles (Men’s and Women’s)
  • August 14: London Spirit v Northern Superchargers (Men’s)
  • August 22: Southern Brave v Welsh Fire (Men’s and Women’s)
  • August 23 Oval Invincibles v Birmingham Phoenix (Women’s)
  • August 24: London Spirit v Welsh Fire (Men and Women’s)
  • August 25: Southern Brave v Trent Rockets (Women’s)
  • August 28: Birmingham Phoenix v Manchester Originals (Men’s)
  • August 31: Manchester Originals v Oval Invincibles (Men’s and Women’s)
  • September 2: Eliminator Round for Women’s
  • September 3: Final Round of Women’s and Men’s

Let the Matches Begin!

After the successful Glastonbury 2022 event, the two upcoming sports events will likely keep the BBC iPlayer subscribers entertained.

If you prefer shows over live event coverage, you will be happy to know that fan favorite Waterloo Road is also set to make a comeback in 2022! Shoots have resumed this month, and the show will likely grace the BBC screens at the end of the year.

So, whether you are an entertainment buff or a sports enthusiast, BBC has your next few months covered!

Are there any other BBC shows or events you are excited about? Let us know!


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