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What are the different commercial painting services you can get from the best Colorado Springs painting contractors? This question is common among commercial property owners looking to rebrand their businesses to increase sales and traffic. This blog will provide you with the best answers to this burning question.

Here are the different commercial painting services

Today, one of the most effective ways for any company to stimulate growth and increase sales to its business is by rebranding. “Rebranding” can always come in different forms. One of them is by repainting your commercial property. This move will certainly keep your business on brand, as you’ll get to match the painting project with your updated brand identity.

For you to get the best out of your painting & rebranding project, you need to understand the different commercial painting services available. In addition, you also need to hire the best contractor, such as All Seasons Painting.

  1. Exterior painting

Exterior painting is one of the many services you’ll get from the best Colorado Springs painters. This service only involves painting the exterior ends of your commercial property. The exterior ends also include the doors, trim, and windows.

Exterior commercial painting services are not as complex as interior painting. To achieve the best and long-lasting results, ensure to choose the right contractor.

  • The best painter should start by removing dirt, debris, and grime around the surface. They can do this by pressure washing the exterior surface.
  • After that, they need to check for and patch any holes and cracks around the exterior surfaces, which they’re looking to paint or repaint.
  • Next is the application of primer and high-quality paint products.

Interior painting

As earlier mentioned, interior painting is more complex than exterior painting. This service includes painting the interior walls, ceilings, and trim. What makes this service slightly complex is that it requires the contractor to evacuate all furniture items from the interior spaces. To avoid messing up the room, the contractor also needs drop cloths to cover the floor.

Like exterior painting, the Colorado Springs painting contractor also needs to patch holes and cracks around the walls before applying primer and paint.

  1. Drywall repair

Drywall repair is another common commercial painting service. This service involves repairing every damage to a commercial building’s drywall. It includes patching cracks, fixing drywall dents, and patching holes.

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If your rebranding project includes repairing your drywall, then you need to go for a Colorado Springs painting contractor that has enough experience in this service.

  1. Caulking and Plastering

Caulking and plastering are two different services you can enjoy by employing the right painting companies in Colorado Springs.

First, caulking is a process of sealing air leaks through gaps and cracks between stationary building components. Apart from sealing air leaks, this service also helps to prevent water damage inside and outside of your commercial property.

Plastering, on the other hand, is a service that involves smoothing the rough surfaces of the walls. This service is effective for providing your commercial building walls with a good finish.

That said, when hiring Colorado Springs painters for your commercial properties, ensure to go for contractors with enough experience in caulking and plastering services.

Where to find the best Colorado Springs painting contractors?

All Seasons Painting is one of the most reliable painters in Colorado Springs. Whether you’re interested in exterior or interior commercial painting, you can always rely on this company for the best results. Even if you want other additional services, such as caulking and drywall repairs, you can also rely on these painters. Learn more about how All Seasons Colorado Springs can help you out with your commercial painting project.

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