Two Wheeler Insurance- The Complete Guide for First-Timers


When you own a two-wheeler, the last thing on your mind is probably insurance. But when you look at the statistics and see how unsafe it is to ride one, you know that owning one will come with its own set of risks and responsibilities. So, as a responsible rider, equipping yourself with a two-wheeler insurance policy should be your first priority. If it is your first time buying insurance, you may be a little worried if you know what to look for.

In this blog post, we’ll go through all that you need to know about buying two-wheeler insurance.

1. Know the different types of cover

There are two types of cover you may require for your motorcycle – third party only (TPO) and comprehensive. TPO covers only those accidents where the bike owner is not at fault. Comprehensive cover includes both the owner and the rider and covers own damage as well. If you want comprehensive coverage, then you should always carry full coverage.

2. Insurance Declared Value (IDV)

Insurance Declared Value (IDV) is the maximum sum that can be provided by an insurer on theft or total loss of an insured vehicle. The IDV represents the vehicle’s current market value. Upon total loss of the vehicle, the insurer will pay the policyholder his or her IDV.

3. Choose a Reputed Insurer

When choosing a trustworthy online two-wheeler insurance provider, it is crucial to check the claim settlement ratio. Doing so ensures a hassle-free claim settlement. Research online to discover the most reputed insurers and also the customer reviews of their claims process and customer service.

4. Understand the policy

Read the fine print carefully before signing anything. Compare two-three plans online to understand the different policies. You don’t want to end up paying more than you should be or falling short of the coverage you actually need.

5. No claim Bonus (NCB): 

Each year during which you do not file a claim, you will be rewarded with a NCB by your insurer. Five years without a claim could qualify you for a 50% discount on your insurance premium. For your safety, ride safely to avoid accidents.

6. Don’t forget to renew your policy

Your policy expires after a given period. So, make sure you renew it well in advance.

7. Online Reviews

It is advisable to read verified reviews online so you get an authentic opinion from the two-wheeler insurance holders. It gives us the right insight about it

Two-wheeler insurance is essential. Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, two-wheeler insurance is mandatory. An individual who is found to be driving without a valid policy can face heavy fines or even imprisonment of upto 3 months. An insurance policy can provide financial assistance in case of an unforeseen event. Third-party insurance is mandatory but does not cover personal damages. Ensure your insurance coverage is adequate.

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With the increasing number of riders hitting the road every day, getting two-wheeler insurance is very crucial. Riding a bike is one of those activities that many people enjoy doing as a hobby or even as a profession.

Whether you are an enthusiast who wants to do more than just go for short rides or needs to commute on two wheels regularly, here’s how you can get your own set of two-wheeler  insurance.

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