Turn Your Reception into A Warm and Welcoming Spot With These Tips

Turn Your Reception into A Warm and Welcoming Spot With These Tips

The reception space is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding day. It is also a place for you and your guests to mingle, eat, and dance — so it should be fun and inviting. When planning a reception, there are many things to consider: how many people will be attending? What type of food do you want to be served? Are there any traditions involved in this particular ceremony? After all these questions are answered, the next step is designing your reception space! Here are simple ways that you can transform your reception space into something magical:

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your guests and create ambiance. You can use lighting to highlight different areas of the room, create focal points and provide a sense of space, intimacy, or other moods.

Highlighting areas:

When you want to focus attention on certain parts of your reception space, use light to draw attention to where it belongs. For example, if there is an important piece of art hanging on one wall that you want your guests’ eyes drawn toward, make sure that wall has sufficient lighting so people can see what is hanging there as soon as they walk in.

Hire an expert wedding planner

If you are having trouble getting your party together, you might want to consider hiring a professional wedding planner. They have the experience and expertise that will help ensure your big day runs smoothly, from finding the perfect venue to making sure every detail is taken care of. A good wedding planner will also be able to work with you on budgeting everything out and ensuring you stay within it.

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Add some greenery

The natural environment is essential to our wellbeing and happiness, so it makes sense that adding some greenery to your reception space will have a positive effect on the mood of your guests. Greenery adds a touch of nature that can be used to decorate tables, cake stands, and even bouquets. Greenery helps absorb sound by providing a barrier against noise pollution and reducing echo in your room.

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Think outside the box

What is your event theme? What kind of food will you be serving? Who is your audience? What music are you playing? How can you use this information to make your space unique and personalized for your guests, while still keeping it safe and functional for everyone involved? The answers to these questions will help guide the design process, so think about them before diving into things too deeply.

Think about the little details:

How do those little touches add up to create a cohesive look that matches what you are going for in terms of the overall aesthetic of a room or space? That is where an experienced designer comes in handy—someone who knows how all these elements work together so well that they do not even need words to communicate their ideas with clients! And the H hotel in Dubai being the best in Dubai is handling these things for many years with their professional wedding planners and providing the best wedding venues in Dubai.

Make a statement with your table setting

There are so many different ways you can use your reception space to make a statement. Here are a few examples:

  • Use different types of tableware and cutlery. Use one type for the main meal and another for dessert. Or, if you want to add an extra touch of elegance, consider using three or four different types of silverware at each place setting.
  • Use different types of tablecloths. We recommend going with white linen or cotton tablecloths that match your theme and color scheme; this will make it easy for your guests as they sit down at their assigned seats.  
  • Using different types of runners along each side edge instead of doing something more elaborate such as centerpieces or floral arrangements would take up too much room/cost too much money/take away from other decorations. You could also use runners instead because they’re easier than flowers but just as pretty 🙂

Ambient dining experience

Ambient dining is a dining experience where you have a choice of where to sit. There are no assigned seats, so you can choose where you want to sit and who you want to dine with.

You can select from many different wedding locations: inside or outside; by the pool or on the beach; in the bar or main restaurant; with friends or family members. You can dine anywhere that suits your mood! The H Hotel Dubai provide a variety of venues for you for your special day to become more special Whether it is a private party, a wedding or a gala dinner, their  unique collection of venues offers you a diverse choice of backdrops from which to celebrate which includes Al masa ballroom, the royal suite, the terrace and diadems

Flower bouquets and arrangements

Flowers can transform your reception space. They can be used to create a statement, such as by filling a large vase with an assortment of colorful blooms. Or they can be used to create a sense of occasion, like on the tables at an outdoor wedding reception or in the centerpieces on each table that guests will see as soon as they enter the room.

Flowers can also give you some leeway when it comes to decorating your reception space—and help you work around budget constraints. If you want to use silk flowers but don’t want to spend money on real ones, try using silk flowers along with fresh flowers (or just one or two fresh arrangements). Or if there’s something, in particular, that’s too expensive for your budget but still very important for how your photos will look (like trays full of champagne glasses), consider substituting those items with less-costly versions made from similar materials (glass bottles instead of crystal goblets).

Scattering candles around the room

Candles can create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, but they do not have to be used in conjunction with flowers. Candles are also an excellent way of illuminating a particular area of the room or creating a focal point for guests. You can use candles to create a focal point for the bride and groom on their wedding day as well as make sure it is well-lit so they can see each other during speeches.

Book a venue with iconic architecture and design features

If you are looking to transform your reception space, consider working with a venue that has iconic architecture and design features. The venue’s design should reflect your personality and style.

You can find venues with iconic architecture throughout the country—and if you are lucky, there will be one in your hometown!

The H Hotel Dubai is one the best hotel in Dubai and has the best wedding venues in Dubai has iconic architecture and design features at each venue which on their own without even decorations are very attractive. 

 Final word 

Let’s be honest, your wedding reception is where you and your guests will spend the majority of your time celebrating and enjoying each other. So, it only makes sense to invest in a space that reflects your personality (and hopefully is not too expensive). With these ideas from professional planners, we hope you found something here that inspires you. And if not? That’s okay! Feel free to take inspiration from any of these ideas—or just let them give you some food for thought on how you might want to approach the design of your own space.


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