Travel is educational: what is a concierge service and how you save time with it

travel companies
travel companies

A concierge service serves as an assistant who supports you in completing specific tasks; it is a French word for guidance. You can transfer annoying time wasters to competent staff. The travel concierge service takes care of the time-consuming planning and booking of trips. Are you looking for a ticket for concerts or events? Then you need the services of a concierge.

You can even be reminded of appointments. Do you need a quick gift or a reservation for a table in the restaurant? Would you like to go to the concert and can’t get any more tickets for a special event?

The concierge service will take care of it because it is a team made up of sheer organizational talent. Multilingual, the little helpers are available around the clock. Even in tricky situations! These are services for accompanying tourists by a company, or rather, booking various individual travel services for customers for a fee.

In the West, this type of work by travel companies has been practiced for a long time, but some individuals know it better only in hotels, banks, and premium tourists. But, given the events of recent years, many predict an increase in the popularity of travel concierges among tourists. Indeed, in this way, the travel agent relieves himself of a huge number of risks, and the tourist saves time and nerves while receiving the service at the level he needs.

A concierge at the airport

What else does the service take care of? It’s not really limited; when you hire a travel concierge, you can have a lot of work done for you, which includes:

  •       Booking tickets for events
  •       flight booking
  •       Reserve a rental car with or without a chauffeur
  •       Restaurant recommendations and reservations
  •       send flowers
  •       Organize luggage service, etc.

How does the concierge service help you earn money?

It is simple logic; you can use the time you save for other things. Do you need to write an offer for a customer? Then you can do that while the concierge service is on the phone and in front of the screen to look for your tickets for the concert. Therefore, you make more money focusing on other matters.

How can you use a concierge service?

There are many ways to book a concierge service. There are a lot of offers that you can book. Maybe a student who needs money or one who wants to earn some extra cash, or a sprightly pensioner who used to be an organizational talent? There are endless options. But the easiest option is to use the concierge service offered to you by a known professional company.

We believe in the successful future of the concierge service and have already experienced all its advantages. That is why we have formed an excellent organization for booking concierge services in tourism. A unique contract in several versions provides everything that may be needed in the provision of travel assistant services.


At Alsconciergevoyage, we offer full luxury travel services to the best family beach vacation spots around the world. We also serve as your luxury travel expert for several events, including the world cup.

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