Top Amazing Ways to Give Your Home a Vintage Charm


While clean, contemporary design and minimalist rooms have long dominated the home design scene, many homeowners and prospective purchasers still enjoy the charm of a vintage home. Adding old things to your house is a terrific way to express your individual style. Best of all, incorporating some antique appeal into your décor does not require much money or time. In this article, we will go over some simple methods to turn your property into a vintage home.

  1. Hang a ceiling medallion.

Mounting a ceiling medallion will provide the appearance of larger ceilings and will quickly create the look of a vintage home. These circular ornaments were frequently used around chandeliers to conceal the holes cut when antique gas light fittings were swapped with electric light fixtures. They are now largely cosmetic, although they can provide the appearance of antiquity.

  1. Drape a gold mirror

Gold elements are a feature we see a lot in older homes. A mirror is a component that frequently best incorporates this concept. Look for a mirror with florals, birds, leafy branches, or strong lines framed in it. If it isn’t already gold, it shouldn’t take long to paint it the color of your choosing!

  1. Quilts

Laying a quilt over the backrest of your sofa may be a terrific way to make your house seem comfortable and inviting. Besides, nothing beats a handcrafted item for adding a personal touch.

  1. Purchase a bar cart

If you’ve ever seen an old movie, you’ve probably seen a bar cart at some point. These pieces will function as storage for your drinkware and spirits while also appearing quite elegant. Bar carts have been in use for a long time, but they have lately been popular again. Fortunately, this means they’re not difficult to find. If you can’t find an original vintage one, you’ll most likely be able to purchase one at a number of home décor retailers.

  1. Install moldings on your entrances.

Those drab front doors that came with your house aren’t doing anything for its curb appeal. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: you can frame out your entryway in under an hour with some vintage-inspired molding that can be cut affordably at your local hardware shop.

  1. Switch your tub with a clawfoot tub.

With a single purchase, you can entirely transform the look of your bathroom. You may buy them new or go to estate sales and inquire from everyone you know if he or she knows anybody trying to sell one. You can easily refinish them and create a delightful antique atmosphere in the bathroom. They may, however, weigh up to 300 pounds, making locomotion difficult. However, contemporary acrylic versions maintain the same old charm and are substantially lighter, so choosing this contemporary material is also a viable alternative.

  • Refurbish an old piece of furniture.

Vintage furniture has fascinating lines and forms that are frequently difficult to find nowadays. Take a peek at what’s available at your local thrift store or consignment business for thrifting decor. There are also other free/swap sites available on Facebook and elsewhere online. Remember that new fabric and/or a fresh coat of paint may change any item!

Use any of these products to add antique appeal to your home design without breaking the budget. These items will make your vintage home feel like “Home Sweet Home.” 

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