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We have found ourselves borrowing money at some point. Among other hindrances, not having a credit score or a bad one is not good for you. No one will want to lend you money when they don’t know your repayment capability, among other factors.

Don’t worry if you have a damaged credit score or none. Some platforms are willing to link you with lenders who can work with that 580 or below. What will they be considering while granting you the urgent cash?

Let’s find out more from the five websites that will quickly get emergency loans with bad credit.

Which Websites Do You Need for Urgent Emergency Loans with a Bad Credit?


Do you have that feeling that I need a loan urgently? Well, you can start by checking what iPaydayLoans has to offer. It’s web-based, making it easy to reach from any device with an internet connection.

There are emergency loans for people who need quick cash over here. So, the platform will sort you out if you have a stuck car or a pressing hospital bill. Since you are applying with bad credit in mind, they will be lenient.

So, instead of considering it, they will consider how much you earn. The representatives will also look at your ability to pay your bills. The application process is easy, and it all happens online. You start by selecting the needed amount and then filling in an online form.

Once you submit it, the representatives on the other end will check the details. They will later use them to match you with the best lenders. You have to choose the lender you can work with based on the terms presented.

So, you should read them carefully before agreeing. Once you have chosen the lender, the cash arrives in your bank account within hours. The information you submit is highly confidential. That means iPaydayLoans will not share it with anyone not concerned.

Some loans you can access here include payday, same-day, and short-term types. You can check the main website to see what else they have in store and how they conduct business.


Another website that will help you get emergency cash with bad credit is FastPaydayLoans. The maximum amount you can get is £5000 while the least applicable is $50. The platform matches you with the best lenders once you complete an online form.

It’s also web-based. Since everything is online, you don’t need any paperwork to apply for the emergency loan. Once you have the lender, you get the cash within the same day. The latest you can get the funds is the next business day.

FastPaydayLoans will not charge you for the services provided. What you apply is what you get in your account. While they have competitive interest rates, you should note that it’s still high due to their bad credit score.


You can also get a few British pounds from PaydayLoansUK as emergency cash. It’s also another platform that will consider bad credit. The website has a form that allows you to fill in the information.

It asks you questions such as your income and the bills you pay every month. They will consider it before giving you a list of the best lenders. It’s also online, which means you will not need anything else apart from a device connected to the internet.

You can choose the one with the most suited repayment terms based on the lenders. The repayment schedule is also determined by the loan type you need from the emergency category.

The amounts you can apply here range from £50 to £5000.


CocoLoan also has emergency cash for anyone in a tight spot. It’s also okay if you don’t want them to consider the bad credit. Once you apply, they will match you with lenders who can work with your credit score.

The process is online, making it easy for anyone who needs the funds quickly. They use military-grade encryption protocols to ensure you are safe as you submit the information. The repayment terms may be strict due to your credit score, though.

On the other hand, CocoLoan will help you improve your credit score if you can observe them. You can also get a home equity loan, cash advances, and payday loans. So, applying for large amounts is also okay, even with a hurting credit score.


WeLoans is our last recommendation in this review, and it also has a lot to offer. Under the bad credit section, you get all types of loans there. They range from same-day loans to loans requiring no credit check.

You can click on the most appropriate one based on your needs. After that, the next part is selecting the amount and filling out the form online. In most cases, fewer amounts do not require collateral or a guarantor.

WeLoans goes ahead to share your information with their well-connected lenders. Once you choose the one you can work with, the platform will just approve and release the funds. You can get the loan within 24 hours.

The latest would be the next business day if you applied later in the day.

What to Consider When Choosing a Platform for Emergency Loans with Bad Credit

As you borrow money to settle your pressing matters, you need to know where you are borrowing. Here are some qualities you should check when choosing the best borrowing platform.

Bad Credit Consideration of Course

You have bad credit, and you know it. So, why should you go for a lender who will perform a hard credit background check? Emergency loans for poor credit scores are available from other lenders.

So, check if the lender can allow it or not before submitting your information.  

Availability and Ease of Use

The chosen platform should also be readily available. We are advocating for online platforms here for that reason. It’s easy to reach them out no matter where you are. The interfaces also direct you to what you need. So, it’s not hard to figure out what you need to do.

Affordable Interest Rates

The interest rates for those with poor credit scores are higher. You should, however, check for lenders or representatives that give you reasonable terms. That way, you will have no problem paying what you owe.

Privacy Guaranteed

Lastly, privacy should be protected, especially when submitting information. You don’t need scammers to receive your full names and bank information.


We hope you have found the website you need to get that emergency loan. The reviewed ones will consider the bad credit and still urgently give you the cash you need. You can choose based on preference, and the terms presented.

If you haven’t found a suitable option, then try iPaydayLoans. It will not disappoint you as you find a way to get that urgent funding.

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