Top 10 Reasons to Get React Training

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It is impossible to learn about React if you’re using JavaScript. Among developers, React is a popular tool because it makes the work a lot easier and gives amazing results. With the help of React, the developers don’t need to write long codes and invest hours into coding. If you are someone who wants to master this field, then you are definitely making a reliable career decision. 

On the hand, the node js developers are also experiencing a boost in their careers and demands in the corporate world. Be it a node js course for back end development or react course for UI development, you can never go wrong if you choose the right learning institutes.

React has been growing since the day it was introduced and this is one of the most trustworthy qualities. It has been consistent and is one of the most used programming frameworks in the programming world. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 reasons to get React Training. 

Why Should I Use React? 

  • It is an SEO Friendly Framework 

Nowadays, most applications require search engine optimization. SEO boosts user traffic which is necessary for frameworks. React enables users to work in an SEO-friendly environment in both multiple-page applications and SPAs. 

It also provides server-side rendering which is useful in many aspects. 

  • It has a Concurrent Mode 

Because of using an autocomplete form, React renders. This is explained and resolved in the given table: 


User types “W” API called, waiting for result  Render 
User types “A”  API called, waiting for result  Render 
User types “I”  API called, waiting for result Render 
User types “T” API called, waiting for result Render 

Hence, the UI is blocked. 

The most efficient way of resolving this issue is via concurrent mode. 

The concurrent model is made up of novel features and helps React stay active with the user’s device capabilities. It then also supports all network connectivity and speed. 

What are the merits of using a Concurrent Mode? 

The concurrent model has many beneficial features that are given below:

  • It does not support blocking and hence, no blocking while rendering. Because of this, the UX is improved. 
  • All the developers can now work on different branches simultaneously, without rendering & blocking. 
  • Helps React work in different areas with different updates, concurrently. 
  • This is Suspense mode, hence, you are not supposed to be waiting for its response while doing your tasks. 
  • It has Backward Compatibility 

There is no need to tense over situations like updating a new version or updating your application. It would be completely supported by React and React as the API base will remain constant. In other words, React enables you to use new components of new updates in the old version (if you want), without any difficulties in getting used to something completely different and new. 

  • React Patterns are very effective 

React focuses on the WHAT instead of the HOW. It tends to find out WHAT needs to be done instead of HOW it will be done. It uses declarative code that helps it to be easier to debug and more predictable as compared to others. 

When you use React, you are in a position to achieve international management that uses a few data logic, which is given below: 

  • Theme Data 
  • User Profile Data 
  • User Journey Data 

It enables us to use interactive UIs, as well as a declarative approach. 

  • It Introduces the Era of Reusable Components 

What is React? It is a collection of small components that create a large one and eases your work. Those small components have the advantage of being used repeatedly anytime, anywhere. In other words, it can be reused. 


For example – 


function clickHandler(e) { 

// Some function where some API call happens 



function MyBtn() { 

return ( 

   <button className=”button” onClick={clickHandler}> 

     Click Me 




  • It is Efficient and Flexible 

React is one of those frameworks that is supported by many browsers, which makes it one of the most flexible programs as well. It has the advantage of pre-built functions that save time and makes it one of the most efficient frameworks as well. 

Another fact about React is that its functions have the capability of putting together and creating scalable projects within itself which look amazing. 

  • It is not hard to learn React 

React starts with your basic knowledge of web development and hence is very easy to learn. It will take a maximum of a year to learn it. Once you get to know the basic skills of React, you will become a pro in no time as it is the easiest to learn and use. 

  • High Demand for React Developers

In this digital world, React developers are in most demand. Businessmen from all around the world tend to hire web developers who are fluent in React as they need to put out their best foot in every aspect. Due to this sole reason, the organizations are willing to pay as much as it takes to the developers, in order to be a leading organization. 

Factually speaking, if we talk about figures, a React developer in the US can earn around $99,000 (initially) on average. Whereas, an experienced React developer can earn up to $150,000 [Ref.]. Perfect, isn’t it? 

  • React helps with Mobile and VR apps

React does not only help you to create complex web applications but also creates mobile and VR applications! Exciting, isn’t it? Just one technology can help you expand your horizons and create as much content as you want. Play with your creativity to its max and enjoy your work, indeed. This way, you will turn out to be much more valuable to the company. 

  • You will be able to use any technology with React 

Isn’t this one of the most crucial merits of React? Working with any other framework is just something React is good at and it supports different kinds of technologies with utmost cleanliness, offering amazing working flexibility.


After knowing about all these benefits, we hope that you think of investing your time in this amazing framework of learning and becoming a better version of yourself in no time! Many companies and organizations work very hard in order to find the right React developer for their team, and we hope that you become one of those someday. React is undoubtedly one of the most efficient languages and learning it would be a wise choice. 

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