Tips for the right sun protection when running

sun protection creams
sun protection creams

Running in the summer is more fun for most athletes than training in the cold and snow. But unfortunately, the summer and the sun also pose significant risks for the skin if you train without adequate sun protection. Even in the United States and other temperate regions, the risk of skin cancer is increasing due to UV exposure, which is becoming ever stronger due to the dwindling ozone layer.

This makes getting proper protection from sun rays one of every runner’s concerns. Thus, we created this article to give you the right knowledge on how to protect yourself from the damage of sun rays. Our expert at Tanri makes a detailed outline of what you should do and not do to keep yourself safe.

Don’t walk without sunscreen.

Sunscreen for runners becomes even more important when, for example, marathons occur in southern countries or vacations are spent in areas with high UV exposure. According to the medical journal, one in five individuals is already affected by skin cancer. So wearing special sun protection while running and creaming the uncovered areas of the skin with sun protection creams are very important.

Running without sun protection is also not recommended for cosmetic reasons, as the sun’s UV-A rays causes the skin to wrinkle and age before it is too late. The amount of sun protection that individual runners need varies from person to person and depends, among other things, on their skin type, what time of day they run and how high their current UV exposure is.

Know your skin type to find the right sunscreen

Sunscreen with at least SPF 15, which provides moderate protection, should be applied to the uncovered parts of the skin when running. A high value is a must for sensitive and light skin types and is only achieved from a sun protection factor of 30 to 50+.

In order to be able to estimate how many minutes the harmless stay in exposure to the sun is increased by applying the sun protection cream, it is important to determine your skin type in advance. However, the following information is only a guide and forms an average from the recommendations of our experts at Tanri.

  •   Skin type 1 has pale skin, red or blond hair and blue eyes (“Celtic type”), has a self-protection time from the sun of a maximum of 10 minutes;
  •   Skin type 2 is similar to type 1, only with slightly darker skin, has a self-protection time of 10 – 20 minutes;
  •   Skin type 3 has light brown skin and brown eyes and tans well, has a self-protection time of 20 – 25 minutes;
  •   Skin type 4 has brown skin and black hair and hardly ever gets sunburn; its self-protection time is 25 – 35 minutes;
  •   Skin type 5 occurs in sub-Saharan Africa and almost never gets sunburned, even without sun protection.


At Tanri, we have the best sunscreen to protect runners from getting their skin burned by sun rays. With just a click, you can select your choice with all SPF available, including the SPF 50.

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