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Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity in the social media marketing space. According to September 2015, 400 million individuals utilize the Facebook-owned website. Having the choice to share images on social networks appeals to individuals.

But many businesses successfully include Instagram in their marketing strategies. However, how well you use Instagram to reach your target audience will determine the outcome of your campaign. The 10 tips we’ll give you in this piece will help you expand your Instagram audience and boost engagement. Instagram marketing uses the platform to raise brand awareness, audience size, leads, and sales. Since Instagram is the most popular social networking platform among users between the ages of 16 and 34, it is a very effective marketing tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Tips for Increasing Your Instagram

Marketing Strategy

1. Increase your readership

One of the first steps in creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy is growing your following.

Getting people to view your postings will be challenging if you don’t have a significant following. It will be challenging to be able to sell anything if you don’t have any followers.

Starting from scratch could be intimidating for those who have just started their Instagram accounts. But unless your company is young, you undoubtedly already have customers. Existing customers are interested in your brand. Invite them to follow you by letting them know about your profile.

First, send emails to your email subscribers. Simply urge them to follow you while being cautious.

You might only send emails a few times a month, for instance. Let your subscribers know that Instagram may have more frequent deals and promotions.

2. Consider the first impression of your page

Impressions matter a lot. The actual and digital worlds both bolster this claim.

Your bio, profile picture, and most recent posts are all seen by them. A user shouldn’t be confused by your profile when they click it, keeping in mind our earlier point about following others to increase the number of people you follow. The ideal choice is to make your profile photo your brand. It is much more recognizable than a random picture of a person or one of your things.

They immediately make their identity known. Information in a bio gives further details about what they do, while their profile photo serves as their logo.

They even include a link to a landing page on their website to encourage visitors to sign up for the service.

If your brand’s Instagram page doesn’t grab users’ attention, you won’t have much success growing your following.

Generally, you want to keep everything formal, brief, and concise. Now that you have more chances, you can market your products and increase sales.

3. Regularly publish new content

It is not a bright idea to only post photographs or videos to your profile once a month. Even so, I wouldn’t consider that to be an active profile. You want your customers to always think of your brand.

However, you also don’t want to clog up users’ timelines or come out as intrusive. A balance must be struck in this circumstance.

I wouldn’t suggest publishing more than one article per day. If you want to post a lot of content daily on Instagram, adding content to your story is essential. This should be taken into consideration for planning when to post. Posting frequently increases the likelihood that as many people will visit your content.

4. Start broadcasting

You may communicate with your audience in real-time by employing live video. Followers might offer feedback while you broadcast.

Make sure to respond to these comments and try your best to express your gratitude to the commenters. By doing this, engagement metrics will improve.

Your live feeds have countless potential uses. You may show off brand-new goods, offer visitors a tour of your facilities, or even introduce a few staff members. To establish a more genuine relationship with your audience, I think it would be a good idea to hold a Q&A part.

5. Make use of pictures and videos in your narrative

As I mentioned, your tale is a great place to incorporate daily information. You can publish your tale daily without overwhelming those who follow you. However, you shouldn’t go nuts and post 20 different photos and videos daily to your account.

Since nobody will read them, they all waste time and resources. The engagement and views on your story will decline with each new post.

You should also double-check the timing of the post on your article because it will disappear 24 hours after being submitted.

6. Work together with influencers on social media

It is pretty successful to use social influencers to promote your business’s name, products, and services. In fact, 94% of marketers assert that the social influencer strategy adopted by their business was thriving.

Most influencers will merely demand around a few hundred dollars for a post. However, if you want to work with well-known influencers, be prepared to spend significantly more money.

7. Add hashtags to the captions of your pictures

The captions you include with your shared images and videos are even more critical. You must improve your capacity to create Instagram captions that boost engagement. Clearly, hashtags are significant. There are numerous ways to accomplish this. You can use an existing one to start with so that people can see it. Choose a hashtag, for instance, that supports a national holiday.

Making your own hashtag is an additional recommendation. This would considerably increase brand-specificity. A hashtag may contain both the name of your campaign and your brand. Every Instagram contest you run can have a particular hashtag.

8. Promote UGC

UGC stands for user-generated content. This expands on my prior justification for hashtagging contest promotion.

Such advertisements encourage individuals to post pictures and videos of your company to their personal accounts.

As a result, your business is exposed to all the followers who are buddies with that specific follower. This kind of information serves as a suggestion and is an effective marketing tactic, as we just mentioned.

Displaying user photographs on your profile and running contests are the best ways to promote user-generated content.

9. Hold contests and promotions

Promotional competitions and giveaways are two of my favorite ways for businesses to engage with their social media followers.

If you can execute a good giveaway, your efforts will result in more significant revenue.

This increases the page’s audience. People are encouraged to interact with the brand and follow its profile it.

You can see how this giveaway differs from others you may have seen. Lander collaborated with other businesses to support this competition.

Once more, using this strategy will boost the volume of website visitors. These additional accounts will announce contest information and tell readers to follow Lander’s profile to succeed.

Increased Insta Potential 

To make sales, you can’t just rely on website traffic. Use additional communication channels as well. Social media usage has an impact on consumer purchase decisions. Given how quickly Instagram is growing, it makes sense to use it as your primary sales-generating medium. The options that Instagram offers businesses to sell goods directly through its website are also visible from this list.

If your Instagram marketing strategy has to be improved, go to this tutorial. These strategies will help you increase your Instagram following and, consequently, your revenues.

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