Things you should know before choosing a beauty brand name

beauty brand
beauty brand

Most business owners put a lot of thought into deciding the name of a brand. After all, it plays a vital role in sharing your business’ story with the target audience. For sustained business growth and success, your brand name needs to stand out. So, before you consider the name of your beauty brand, think about the purpose of starting your business. Are you looking to sell castor oil in cosmetics or organic makeup products? If you’ve clearly defined the mission and vision for your brand, naming it becomes easier. It is because a brand name generally revolves around the purpose of your business. 

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Naming your beauty brand is one of the essential stages of developing the overall brand identity. It can make or break your brand. A good brand name will lift your business up. On the contrary, a bad brand name will pull your business down. If you analyze the current market, you will come across some amazing and some terrible beauty brand names. Through this blog, we want to help you pick the right name for your beauty brand. 

beauty brand
beauty brand

In the usual scenario, business owners think for hours, days, and weeks to decide on a brand name. They perform web searches for the chosen name, then buy a web domain and reserve the social media handles. However, soon after, they realize that they have not done any brainstorming or effort toward the overall branding strategy. When they put in hard work to understand who they are and what they signify, they realize that the name they have chosen doesn’t complement their beauty brand. 

If you can relate to this entire process, and most entrepreneurs will, then it is vital that you first know who you are and what is your market position before choosing a name for the business. 

5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Beauty Brand Name

The strategy you use to decide on a beauty brand name doesn’t matter. Your brand is like your baby. Its name should embody your brand identity and have scope for growth and expansion. Naming your brand “Hair Oils India” isn’t a good idea since it is too descriptive. It restricts you to selling only one product category and in only one country. Moreover, it does not incite any emotion. 

Conversely, if you name your brand “Herbie”, there is room for growth since you can introduce a variety of herbal beauty products in the categories of body wash, hair wash, conditioner, soaps, skin serums, etc. The name also describes the brand’s philosophy of using herbal ingredients.

1. The Uniqueness of Your Beauty Brand

What is your brand positioning? What do you want customers to think about when they see and use your products? What are your brand goals? Consider these factors before naming your beauty brand. 

Search for related words and analogies and blend the words to create different combinations. Look up some of your favourite words in the dictionary and chalk out synonyms that you can use. Alternatively, create acronyms for the words you have identified. You will have some fabulous ideas and some ridiculous ones. Write all these names down by hand or take a print to tangibly see how it appears. Evaluate and cross out the options you think are not worthy. During the entire exercise, do not overthink. If you think too much, you will restrict your creativity. 

After you have thought about brand ethos, it is time to think about what makes your brand unique. Including your Unique Selling Point in your brand story leaves a positive impact on the consumers, giving them a quick update about how you are different from the competitors and what to expect when they buy from you. 

beauty brand
beauty brand

2. Availability of the Brand Name

At first, your mind will come up with all the obvious names, which would have already been taken somewhere in the world. Therefore, make sure you carefully check the trademarks and registrations before choosing a brand name. Apart from the brand name, you will also need to check the availability of web domains and social media handles. 

3. Memorability

Your brand name should not be too long. Consumers don’t like to type in long words. If your brand name is too long to spell or say, it will not be easy to remember. It is suggested to have a brand name that is not more than two words long. Some experts believe the brand name should not have more than six letters. 

A brand name that is simple and easy to remember goes on a long way. Many castor oil manufacturers in India have followed this advice since shorter brand names are easy to recall and memorize. 

4. Pronunciation

It is not a good idea to have a brand name so complex or obscure that people don’t understand its meaning. It is not necessary that if it makes sense to you, it will make sense to the target audience. Thus, before finalizing a brand name, ask others for feedback. 

Is it easy for your family and friends to pronounce the brand name you are considering? A word that is clear to you might be obscure for the others. Ask a handful of people to pronounce your brand name for a proper analysis. 

5. Translation

From the start, you must think about global expansion and how your brand name will translate. Planning your brand’s name in different languages and understanding its meaning after translation can decide whether it will do well or fail in a different market. In the local language, a particular word may be very innocent, but its meaning in a foreign language can be very different. 


Whether you’re selling castor oil in cosmetics or herbal hair products, naming the brand isn’t a process that you can complete overnight. You have to be patient and remain flexible throughout the phase. Don’t get frustrated and rush through the process. Your brand name lays the foundation for your branding strategy. Therefore, consider all aspects like brand vision, mission, business goal, memorability, positioning, pronunciation, and global expansion before selecting the final beauty brand name. 

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