The natural look of 2D eyelash extensions


2D eyelash extension is one of the familiar eyelash extension methods. Its advantage is that it is quick and increases the thickness of the eyelashes moderately, thus keeping the natural features for the client. And trust us, you will often encounter this type of eyelash extension in your career. Here are the secrets to help you make this type of extension ideal, enhancing the natural look of the appearance.

Learn more about 2D eyelash extensions

2D eyelashes are made by using two eyelashes attached to one natural eyelash. This type of eyelash extension makes the client’s eyes a bit darker and sharper. Normally, clients who have experienced the classic 1:1 eyelash extension, when they want to change their style a little bit, tend to choose 2D eyelashes because it keeps their natural look and can be used regularly, such as going to work or hanging out with friends or attending small parties. They will not need to use mascara every day and still get a medium-thick set of eyelashes.

Steps to perform natural 2D eyelash extensions

Step 1: Talk to your clients specifically and listen to their wishes

eyelash extensions

Suggested questions such as: what is their purpose when choosing eyelash extensions? Have they ever had eyelash extensions? Are their eyes sensitive to eyelash extensions? These questions help you understand your client’s insights and know what to do with their natural lashes. 

Regarding 2D lashes, you can create manual lash fans by attaching two single lashes to 1 volume fan or using premade 2D lash fans. There is not much difference between these two methods. However, please pay attention to the material of eyelashes because it determines your “work of art”. We recommend faux mink or cashmere lashes since they both are very soft and best suited for this 2D lash extension technique.

Step 2: Specifications to choose appropriate eyelashes

appropriate eyelashes

To achieve a natural look, in addition to professional eyelash extensions, pay attention to the specifications of the lashes. The recommended length is 7mm -13mm for most eyelash extensions. It is important that you be flexible and skillful in using lengths to have a long, beautiful, and natural set of eyelashes. Regarding the diameter, in order to avoid thick and heavy eyelashes, the best diameter should be from 0.07 mm to 10 mm.

An experience when performing 2D lash extensions to achieve the most natural look is not to use eyelashes that are too different in length from the real ones.

Step 3: After discussing with the client and shaping the new eyelashes, clean the eyes carefully, make sure the eyelashes are clean and do not stick together. Then proceed to eyelash extensions. You will apply each 2D eyelash to your natural lashes. Some points to note are to use a moderate amount of glue. 

The distance from the eyelid to the exposed point between the natural eyelashes and the false eyelashes should be from 0.5 – 1.0 mm to avoid causing discomfort or irritation to the eye skin.

Step 4: After finishing eyelash extensions application, double check everything to make sure your client is comfortable. You can use wet tower to wipe off excess glue. Using lash extensions primer can also help maintaining retention and help the lashes shine. At the same time, teach them how to take care of eyelash extensions at home properly.

Which clients are suitable for 2D eyelash extensions?

2D eyelash extensions

2D eyelash extensions are so popular and never out of style because they suit most occasions and every eye shape. Although they are more suitable for daily wear, most clients will choose this kind thanks to their naturalness over impressiveness. 

A plus point is that clients with weak natural eyelashes can also wear 2D eyelash extensions. Still, they also need to pay attention to proper eyelash care and periodic inspection.

Between classic and 2D lash extensions, which one looks more natural? This is one of the questions that new technicians often wonder about. However, in our experience, there isn’t much of a difference between them. While 2D eyelash extensions make lashes look thicker and stand out a little bit, classic lashes tend to be lighter and keep the natural look of real lashes. 

You can use 2D eyelash extensions along with classic lashes to fill the gap between sparse eyelashes when it comes to volume sets. Among eyelash extensions suppliers in the US and Canada, LLBA Professional carries a wide range of 2D fans that they call YY fans.

In conclusion, 2D eyelash extensions are not complex to use and perform. Still, you need to carefully assess your clients’ eyelashes carefully and choose the correct specifications. The bottom line is practicing frequently on different eye shapes will help you become more experienced and confident.


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