The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

You went on several dates for years and spend a lot of time together before deciding to get married. So, when the two of you were so much in love, what went wrong after a few years of marriage? One thing common in all relationships is the ups and downs. However, some couples succeed in overcoming obstacles while others fail to keep their marriage safe. Before any relationship falls apart, it typically shows some warning signs such as your partner becoming distant or stern. While women are quick in identifying these signs and fixing problems, men either ignore such signs and wait to let go of the steam thinking that their wives will get back to their normal selves with time. But this doesn’t always happen. If issues aren’t resolved on time, a day might come when your wife tells you that she doesn’t want to continue the relationship. 

Couples start arguing for a lot of reasons. The small disputes could soon turn into a serious conflicts resulting in divorce. Avoiding your partner or ignoring to resolve issues could tread your relationship towards rocky roads. The most common issues that could lead to divorce are lack of communication, infidelity, disagreements, and lack of physical intimacy. Besides these issues, there can be other problems also like an incompatibility between partners or financial issues. No matter what the issue is, couples need to identify their mistakes and make changes or compromises to have a happy and lasting marriage. If you don’t want to face heartbreak and go through a divorce, pay attention to common reasons for divorce. Take note of these causes and make sure to avoid them.

1.Unrealistic Expectations

People get married with high expectations. But marriage isn’t what you see in romantic movies or on social media. Every day isn’t going to be a fairytale or honeymoon. Your high expectations not only let you down but also puts a lot of strain on your spouse. As life goes on and you get busy in life, other matters take priority. Your spouse could feel ignored and she may even think you don’t love her anymore. So, it’s important for both husband and wife to set realistic expectations and understand each other. Avoid things getting too ugly to the point where you need to figure out how to get your wife back

2.Communication or Compatibility Problems

When couples start living together and spend a lot of time together, it’s normal to have arguments. But when issues like lack of shared values or religious differences get serious, things may get ugly. Many couples embrace each other’s differences while some move towards divorce due to incompatibility. Another reason responsible for creating differences is poor communication. Many problems and differences can be resolved by simply talking and patiently listening to each other. But what most couples do is argue too much which makes it impossible to talk and think objectively. Make sure to avoid having repeated arguments about the same thing or disagreement that doesn’t get resolved. 

3.Extramarital Affairs

Infidelity or adultery has become a common issue that results in divorce. An extramarital affair is often the result of some other ongoing issues within your marriage. Constant arguments, lack of physical intimacy, or incompatibility could be responsible for infidelity. Sometimes, the reason could be outside the marriage like physical attraction or distraction. No matter what the cause is, extramarital affairs have a high chance of provoking your spouse into ending the marriage. When your wife feels betrayed, it can be very difficult to regain her trust. It’s better to take the advice of a professional marriage counselor in such situations to win your wife back.


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