The Different Types of Watches That Every Collector Should Have


With over 66.9% of the world’s population owning a mobile device today, it’s safe to say nobody needs a watch anymore. Yet, these timeless timepieces are still popular fashion accessories for many people today.

For collectors, they’re akin to an obsession, with enthusiasts paying billions of dollars for prime specimens at high-end auctions. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a billionaire to assemble a collection of watches you can be proud of.

These are the types of watches you need to create an enviable watch collection.

Type of Watches By Functionality

Functionality refers to what the watch can do as well as how you as the wearer interact with it. These are the most common types of functionality offered by watches today:

Analog Watches

These traditional, ‘big-hand-little-hand’ displays are still popular due to their timeless appeal. They’re the best watches to show off your classic taste on formal occasions.

Digital Watches

Digital watches display the time in a numerical format and electronic display. They often have extra features like pedometers and GPS functionality.

Many sports people prefer these watches as it’s easy to see the precise time at a glance.

Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches have a face with dials and subdials. These extra dials frequently have a tachymeter inscribed on the rim of the watch and measure speed over a known distance.

These watches may also include stopwatches. 

Hybrid Watches

Hybrid watches are a combination of digital and analog functionality, combining digital features with traditional watch mechanics. They’re similar to smartwatches in some respects.

Touchscreen Watches

This wearable technology, known as a smartwatch, comprises a wide range of features and apps. It’s impossible to display all these things on one small screen, but touchscreen technology puts what you need at your fingertips.  

Watches According to Movement

The movement is the engine that keeps a watch ticking. Everything about the watch revolves around this factor. There are three classic types of watch movements:

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical movements operate using periodic hand-winding. They have intricate components and are a favorite among those manufacturing watches for the luxury market. 

Fans of luxury watches consider these the best watch movements due to their high accuracy and classic appeal.

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches have self-winding springs inside. They require no battery or manual winding.

The movement of the wearer’s wrist powers the mechanism, providing high accuracy. Watch collectors consider Seiko the best luxury brand with this type of movement. 

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches run on an electric current, powered by a battery. Most batteries last around two years, and these watches maintain a high degree of accuracy. 

A Matter of Style

Apart from the above basic types of watches, you’ll find a host of luxury brands worthy of your attention, plus watches made for every occasion.

Dive watches, sports watches, aviator watches, and dress watches are just a few of the varieties available. Add to this, a huge range of price points to choose from, and there’s no limit to the criteria you can set for your watch collection.

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