The Best Internet Service Providers in the United States for Online Gaming?

Best Internet Service
Best Internet Service

What to Look For in an Internet Service for Gaming?

Whether you are an avid or first-time gamer, you need to have a stable connection so that you can enjoy lag-free gaming. What should a gamer look for in an internet plan? How do you know which internet is the best for gaming? Have the best gameplay by picking the best internet service provider with the help of this mini-guide. 

Generally, you must look for these 5 things in any internet plan before you sign up

  • Fast download speeds
  • Fast upload speeds
  • Low latency
  • Sufficient data for new downloads and game patches
  • Optimized setup


  1. At least 75 Mbps of download speeds

It’s not necessary to invest in gig plans for gaming, but it’s important to have enough speed to support all your gaming needs for every game, while other devices are also connected to the internet. While the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends at least 4 Mbps for gaming, we suggest much faster download speeds because you will most probably need the extra speed to stream music in the background, and watch a YouTube video while you game, or catch the latest football match. Extra speed is necessary because you surely don’t want to lag behind.

2. 10 Mbps of upload speeds

Upload speeds are important to consider if you Livestream or upload YouTube videos. At least 10 Mbps of upload speed is necessary to do these things. You need the perfect speed to keep fans happy with your live streams. You can upload your videos faster and handle larger files with ease with 6-10 Mbps of upload speed.

3. Latency lower than 50 ms

Latency plays a huge role in the quality of your gaming experience. Latency, also known as ping or lag is the time it takes for your gaming server to send and receive data from your computer. You can inquire with your ISP about how much latency you can expect, depending on past performance and connection type. 

Fiber and cable connections have latency ranging between 10 and 27 ms while satellite connections have latency ranging between 590 and 620 ms. Run an internet speed test to learn about your connection’s latency if you’re not sure.

4. 1 TB of data

The last thing you want is to hit your data cap when you’re just about to download a new game. 1 TB of monthly data offered by most ISPs is more than enough but you must seriously consider data caps when looking for a different provider, because not every provider offers that much monthly data each month. If everyone in your house is a gamer, you definitely need more data to keep up with multiple downloads simultaneously, so always go for unlimited data where you can. 

5. An optimized setup

You need the right equipment to make sure all that data and speed isn’t for nothing. An optimized setup provides low latency, less lag, faster speed, and a quality experience. Here’s what you can do to create an optimized setup. 

  • Invest in an Ethernet cable to get the best speeds and lowest latency 
  • Place the router closer to your gaming console and away from furniture, walls, and other obstacles between your router and console 
  • Update the router’s firmware regularly
  • Play on a server nearby

Best Internet Service Providers for Gaming

Now that you know how to pick an internet plan for your gaming habits, take a look at the best internet service providers that offer low latency, great coverage, and fast download speeds for a quality gaming experience!

Xfinity Internet

Connection Type Cable
Price starting from $20.00/mo. *Prices may vary with location.
Download Speed 50-1200 Mbps
Avg. Latency 23.0 ms


Xfinity is the best for most gamers because it offers the perfect combo of wide coverage, fast speeds, and low latency. It maintains a latency of only 23.0 ms which makes it perfect for gamers who want lag-free gameplay. 

Spectrum Internet

Connection Type Cable
Price starting from $49.99/mo.
Download Speed 200-1000 Mbps
Avg. Latency 33.0 ms

Spectrum Internet packages offer decent speeds and great coverage across the U.S. Plus they come with unlimited data so you never have to stress about downloading game patches when you’re hit with a data cap. 

AT&T Internet

Connection Type Fiber
Prices Starting from $55.00/mo.
Download Speed 300-5000 Mbps
Avg. Latency 24.0 ms

If you need the best gig speeds without breaking your bank account, AT&T Fiber plans got your back. Its fiber plans are the cheapest compared to other providers in the first 12 months!

Suddenlink Internet

Connection Type Cable
Prices Starting from $19.99/mo.
Download Speed 50-1,000 Mbps
Avg. Latency 33.7 ms

Suddenlink internet is the best option for gamers living in rural regions. Considering that you hardly have decent options that deliver strong internet speeds enough for gaming, Suddenlink surely comes out on top!

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To Wrap It Up

When it comes to gaming, the last thing you should do is leave your download speeds, data caps, and latency to luck. Be smart about the provider you stick to, as it affects the overall quality of your gaming experience!

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