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To effectively manage a PDF file, PDF annotators stand out to be in demand for more than a decade for professional and personal use. PDF annotators have been evolving daily to provide a comprehensive and complete solution under one program, such as the annotation feature, widely used by students to edit their PDF documents.

Although hundreds of PDF annotation tools are available, only a few PDFs editor excels in providing the best outcome of the feature. Out of that, UPDF serves to provide the best PDF annotator for students. This article will discuss this best free PDF annotator available for students to annotate PDF documents effectively.

What Role Does a PDF Annotator Play in a Student’s Study

PDF annotator is a useful tool, especially for students, as most of their books, reports, assignments, and documents in work are in PDF format. PDF annotator tool offers useful features by using the highlight feature; students can highlight certain text or important quotations from a novel or book. Besides this, the tool to underline text in a PDF document allows students to underline important points for easy access.

To add extra information regarding a subject, a textbox or sticky notes feature using the comment tool can be added to a PDF file. The PDF annotation tool can also update information on existing PDF documents or presentations. Graphical elements can also be added to a PDF file using shapes from the annotation tools. Furthermore, stamps can be added to a PDF file to avoid plagiarism or duplicity of text.

The Best PDF Annotator for Every Students

UPDF offers the best solution for regular PDF file users. With its whimsical user interface and modern outlook, users can easily navigate and operate on UPDF from one feature to another. Among the stunning features offered by UPDF, the annotation feature is highly utilized by students worldwide for its fast and quick functionality. In the following section, we will extensively discuss the UPDF free PDF annotator uses:

The Annotation Tools of UPDF

The PDF annotation feature of UPDF offers an extensive set of tool options that provide the best PDF annotation under one roof. Mentioned are some of the best outcomes the annotation feature provides its users:

  • Add Notes and Comments to PDF

Users can add notes, comments, and additional information to a PDF file using one of the following annotation tool features, such as textbox, sticky notes, text callout, and text comment. The “Text box” feature allows users to add text in a box on a PDF file. It also offers customization, such as the color of the text can be altered along with the size and style of text to differentiate the text from the original content in PDF. Additional text can also be added to a PDF file using “Sticky Notes,” which can be pasted on any side of the page.

  • Text Markups of UPDF

UPDF also offers a text markup feature in which users can highlight PDFs, for example, highlight an important text or paragraph in any color on a PDF file using the “Highlight” feature. Unimportant text from a PDF file can also be marked as unnecessary or deleted using “Strikethrough.” Also, users can select the strikethrough color to mark it differently from the original text color. The “Underline” feature can be used instead of highlighting important text in a PDF file using this annotation tool.

  • Shapes, Stamps, Stickers, and Signatures

To add more dimension and detail to PDF documents, users can also utilize other annotation features such as “Shapes,” which can be used to point out an important word or point. You can use the UPDF PDF annotator to draw shapes like rectangles or circles. Besides this, to give any PDF document a personal lookup or its association with a particular department or authority, you can add stamps and signatures so that no one can try to steal the original content from your PDF file.

How UPDF can Help Students with their Study

UPDF offers a complete solution for students in their studies. This PDF annotator tool provides the student with a wide range of options, such as highlighting important text and strikethrough unimportant text. In order to add additional information to important passages, articles, and pages from PDF, the sticky note and text box feature are utilized so that the related information remains on the same document.

It also makes learning fun, such as using colorful sticky notes, strikethrough, and highlighters to add value and color to black and white PDF document.

What Else Can UPDF Do?

  • PDF Converter: UPDF allows users to convert PDF files into various popular formats such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Image, and Text by following a simple conversion process.
  • Organize PDF: Users can also organize pages of large PDF files, such as by rearranging the pages or managing the pages in a folder. Users can add, remove, split and extract pages from a PDF file using the “Organize Pages” option.
  • Password-Protect PDF: PDF files containing sensitive information can be password-protected by using UPDF “Password-Protect” feature so that an authorized person can only access the PDF.


The PDF annotation tool offered by UPDF offers a complete and productive solution for the students as most of the documents, books, and files are now managed in PDF format. Instead of taking additional notes by hand, take notes on PDF documents by the use of sticky notes or textbox so that the changes remain saved on a PDF file and can be retrieved easily by using this PDF annotation tool.

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