Taking Control of Your Wellness This Year – 7 Top Tips


In simple words, most people understand wellness as an active process that helps us become aware of, and make choices towards a more successful existence. Contrary to popular belief, wellness transcends physical or emotional health and encompasses holistic activities that improve a person’s quality of life in all domains. Currently, wellness has, in fact, become a buzzword and the wellness industry is reaching new heights. For instance, the latest statistics suggest that the wellness market has an estimated global value of USD 4.2 trillion. If you want to take control of your wellness in 2023, this post is perfect for you!

Types of Wellness: A Short Guide

Before checking out the top seven wellness tips, let’s explore the different pillars of wellness.

  • Physical Wellness – As the name suggests. Physical wellness refers to our bodily well-being, such as if we are fit enough to engage in exercises and mobility, free of chronic medical conditions, etc.
  • Mental Wellness – The second pillar of wellness pertains to mental peace and well-being. It can be assessed by looking for mental problems, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. It’s important to remember that having a mental health issue does not equate to being unhealthy. Therapy, medicine, and other solutions can effectively manage many mental diseases.
  • Emotional Wellness – This refers to the ability to adequately manage stress and make it through difficult situations. For instance, if you can bounce back after a negative event and healthily deal with your emotions, it can be said that your emotional wellness is optimal.
  • Social Wellness – Next, social wellness revolves around the interactions and connections you make with others and is all about the satisfaction you get in your social relationships. It includes friends, family, colleagues, and others.
  • Workplace Wellness – Also known as employee wellness or occupational wellness, don’t forget this pillar of wellness that encompasses how you feel in your job.
  • Intellectual Wellness – This includes traits like creativity, open-mindedness, and critical thinking, all of which are demarcators of intellectual well-being. Another aspect of intellectual well-being is to find ways to continually increase your knowledge and skills.
  • Spiritual Wellness – Lastly, your faith, beliefs, and values all fall under the realm of spiritual wellness. Typically, it’s about leading a life of meaning and purpose.

Now that we have touched upon the various pillars of wellness, let’s check out the steps to take control of your wellness this year.

Top 7 Simple Steps to Achieve Wellness in 2023

  • Eat healthy food and try to consume portions of fruits and vegetables; drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise regularly and spend time outdoors as and when possible. As an adult, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.
  • Get good-quality sleep and make sure that your slumber is at least 7 to 8 hours long.
  • Avoid exposure to electronic devices at least 2 hours before bed.
  • Exercise your brain and indulge in meaningful experiences, such as volunteering, learning new things at home, etc.
  • Try visiting specialists like a Central Coast naturopath to build a holistic strategy for different components of your wellness.

Avoid risky and harmful substances like tobacco and excessive alcohol.

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