Swords – Well Actually a ‘Light-Saber’

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There are no more recognizable swords fictional or real than the Light Saber from the Star Wars movies. The Light Saber was an imaginative invention by George Lucas that was so unique that it immediately took hold as the preeminent symbol of the Star Wars trilogy – and beyond. The Light Saber is a laser-based sword that rather than extending to an infinite length as lasers are apt to do based on quantum physics, has been modified to be limited to a mere 1-2 meters based on the wielder of the Light Saber.

Star Wars is a movie well-loved by people of all ages, young and old. Avid Star Wars fanatics will possibly choose to mimic any one of the characters in Star Wars for Halloween. In addition to that, you would want to appear realistic and exactly mimic the characters by getting yourself a Star Wars FX lightsaber. The process of acquiring one for yourself is not as easy as going to a discount store, looking and picking out the light sabers that you like. The replica of a lightsaber can be costly and if you are tight on the budget, there are Star Wars Fx lightsaber kits to help you make your lightsaber at a lesser price. With this, it’s not difficult to act like a real Jedi Knight.

You might wonder why you have to go through all the trouble in buying a kit and making the weapon with your own hands when you can just purchase a readymade lightsaber. As was mentioned earlier, the ready-made lightsaber is quite expensive, and your most practical option is to make one by yourself. Although it’s tedious, it is somehow rewarding, that at the end of the day, you know you will always take pride in your efforts and creativity in making your very own lightsaber. That’s part of being a real Jedi Knight. Additionally, the kit allows you to be creative and give your weapon a personal touch. You can modify the assembling of the lightsaber so that you can create the one you truly wanted to have. So prepare yourself and get ready to finally build your own Star Wars Fx Lightsaber.

What’s in store for you in the kit?

Any brand of Star Wars Fx Lightsaber kit will provide you with similar content. It includes a saber unit and battery compartment. Also enclosed in the package are a few plastic handles, plastic switches, pommels made of metal, and some emitter housings together with screws to allow you to put the pieces together. These kits are packed with some interesting features like ready-made and expensive lightsabers. Here are the qualities that might interest you:

  • You will gain similar powers to the ones in the films since the blade radiates the same way as that in the movie even though the light may not be that intense.
  • The Lightsaber assembled with the materials of the kit likewise, with the expensive lightsaber, has those special sound effects as heard in the movies.
  • The kits are also included in the motion sensors that will create specific sound effects like power up and down and clash.
  • The materials used in the kits are also durable. Although it may not be as expensive as the ready-made ones, the quality of this kit-made lightsaber has not been compromised. You can even customize a variety of weapons till you find the one that suits you best.
  • You can change colors anytime you want to as this lightsaber’s blade is multi-colored. It has red, green, and blue colors that you can choose from compared to its counterparts which have only one color.

Becoming a True Jedi this Halloween need not be expensive as purchasing a Star Wars Fx lightsaber. You can settle for the affordable kits and still look exactly like the character from the movie.

These customizable lightsabers are an effective weapon and block the possessor from deadly projectiles, and laser blasts, and generate an immense amount of heat capable of penetrating heavy metal doors of almost any alloy. It is an ideal and unique weapon of the Jedi order. The Jedi in the Star Wars trilogy is a band of highly trained and skilled warriors that utilize the ever-present ‘force’ to aid them in their battles such that their responses to fast-flying laser blasts, are almost in the realm of precognition.

The Light Sabers also have the added feature of blades of different colors. These Light Sabers with their different laser colors, may have had a purpose other than a distinguishing feature of the Jedi who use them. The ‘Light’ in Light Saber implies that these lasers are based on light-wave theory. The light of the Light Saber has a different color and therefore based on known physics has a different wavelength that changes with the color of the light.

Therefore, the Light Saber of a purple color although a laser nonetheless, may have a slightly different purpose based on that different wavelength than say a Jedi warrior with a blue Light Saber. So, for example, a light-saber with a purple laser may use the wavelength for more effective blocking, whereas someone with a green lightsaber may utilize the wavelength from the green laser for perhaps cutting and slashing. This is only a supposition at this point, but anything is within the realm of possibility in the Star Wars universe.

The Light Sabers that can be purchased on the web, are handcrafted and go into detail to replicate the exact form and fit of the Light Sabers found in the Star Wars films. They are generally made of real metal, complete with movement sensors that generate the appropriate sounds at the opportune moment. But what is more important is that the weapon feels real, suspends reality for a moment, and allows the wielder a real sense of what Jedi warriors feel and prepare for – after all it’s a Light Saber.

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