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 A majority of you have doubt used craigslist seattle to find the most common reasons. Perhaps you’re searching for something (a home, used stuff perhaps a job perhaps a partner) or you’ve got something you want to offer or sell. Whatever the case, there are tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of the services available.

 In reality, some knowledge can be it the distinction between selling something in a matter of several days (or perhaps hours) and then letting it sit in the archives for a month before being republished. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to get more success the next time you post an item on Craigslist.

 Take note that these are specific tips to get sales results Not general Craigslist tips. Be careful whenever agreeing to meet individuals, providing personal information or giving out personal information, etc. For such tips, please look at Craigslist’s safetyand scam information. Also, look over the extremely helpful Craigslist forums on your local site.

  1. Repost to Keep Your Ad on Top

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful that you could click a button and your ad from last week would rise to the top of the page today? Well, sorry, that won’t happen. Craigslist has put measures in place to stop that. The main goal is to stop spammers from flooding the site. However, there are some workarounds spammers won’t have to worry about so you must consider these options if you want to make your advertisement stand out. Customers don’t want to scroll through pages after pages posts from the past in the meantime, and if you delay for 30 days before reposting (the time is takes for your ad to expire) it may take a while to make it sell. If you’ve not received a response after a short period after posting, it’s likely it’s time to go back.

 The video below will teach you everything you need to know, but there’s an abbreviated step by step guide that follows.


  • Make sure you have you have a Craigslist account before you start posting ads. It’s not required however, it can make life much simpler.
  •  Post your ad in the normal way (following the instructions given below).
  •   The following day, log in again then click the ad you’d like reuse and open it in the new tab.
  •    Right-click to “edit this posting,” and open that in an entirely new tab.
  •   Right click in your “category” you have your advert posted in and create a new tab. (All Tabs enable rapid editing back and forth.)
  •   Click on”Post “post” button to the left and choose the category and location.
  •   Return to the page that contains your original advertisement, and copy and paste the entire section into the new blank template. When done, click continue.
  •  Fill out the annoying captcha code.
  •  Then go back to the old advertisement (it should be on another tab) and delete it.
  • Your ad will be placed at the top of your category.
  1. ALWAYS Post an Image a GOOD Image

 We are visual creatures. If you’re selling something, whether it’s a house, an old television or you’re even in a personal advertisement upload an image. A majority of people look at ads with images first. In fact, when I’m trying to find something I’m looking for to make a purchase, I eliminate ads that don’t have images. My reason is that If the seller isn’t posting an image, there might have been something amiss with it. If you do post pictures that show the product, ensure that they’re clear, good quality crisp, sharp color images. Don’t snap a blurry or unfocused photo using your cell phone and call it an hour later. This is just going to irritate the buyer. They’ll leave.

  1. Don’t Put a Question in Your Headline

 If you’re putting up your job, personal ad, or perhaps an offer, it could help you. People are attracted to questions that are relevant. Questions can be very effective in personals. But if you’re selling a tangible item, such as a house, a vehicle, or a thing that you’re not interested in anymore I highly suggest that keeping the headline solely informative. Check out these headlines:

 They basically contain the same information. The first one is a straight-forward description. The second is a bit like salesy advertising, and it makes me feel like a used car salesman is trying to sell me an old junker with new paint. Be direct, just like any other listing in a catalog or catalog for Best Buy or Target. This is especially true if you’re selling a home. Be honest about it, and don’t try to be clever. It’s going to hurt you.

  1. Be as Specific as You Can Be

 Rememberthat you’re trying to sell something that people will have to go far to collect. Before they commit the time and money to drive to your house or business, they want to be as informed as they possibly can regarding the product. I’ve seen listings that had just one paragraph of information about them.

 Yeah, great. But an ad that has photographs of the bookcase with dimensions, type of material, condition the maker’s name, and history as well as location, well that is more attractive. It is a good indication of the seller too. There’s no reason to put up the ad, but The other one has achieved a high standard. It’s not a true reflection of the type of person you are, or the state of the item you’re selling, but on Craigslist first impressions are crucial.

  1. Do Your Homework

 You thought that homework was all behind you. Craigslist is vast, and millions of items are advertised on it each year. If you’re considering selling your old furniture How do you make sure your offer is more attractive? The best option is to spend time using Craigslist. Search the ads, and check out what similar sofas are being sold for. Do you see a sofa that you have seen advertised repeatedly? What was missing? Why didn’t it do well? Price too high? No pictures or bad pictures? You really need to dig. Once you’ve got the lay of the terrain, you’ll be able to create an engaging ad. But there’s another tricky aspect…

  1. Make Sure the Price Is Right

 Like most negotiations in life, this one is all about compromising between what you want and the buyer is looking for. Buyers would like to pay as little as they can and you’d like to receive the most you can. Therefore, post an item that has prices that are too high, and you’ll get no bites. If you post too low, you’ll lose your bargaining potential. Craigslist buyers will always try to cut costs and it’s best to take that into consideration. In general, I choose the lowest price I would be willing to accept and add 20-25% to it. That’s not applicable for everything (a car or home for example), but it’s a good rule of thumb. You can sell your sofa for $300, and accept no less than $225. It’s likely that you’ll receive $300, and everyone’s happy. The most important thing is to accept CASH only, preferably in $20 bills or less.

  1. Pair Up Items That Go Together

 It may sound simple, but a lot of people will list a crib and the glider separately in their posts. But chances are if someone’s in search of one, they could well need the other, as well. So pair them up. Offer a discount in exchange for taking each off your hands. If you’re willing to split them, you could mention it too. A single advertisement could be able to be able to sell two birds in one post.

  1. Be an Eager Beaver

 I’m not a huge fan of instantly replying to emails or calls. However, as a seller on Craigslist it is easier to improve the chances of selling your item by contacting or emailing people as quickly as you can. Most people will blast several emails to various sellers and the first to respond will win the deal. Make sure that you’re the first to respond, and you’re courteous and enthusiastic. If you’re going on some business or vacation then post the ad once you return. And if you find yourself having to respond to a flurry of emails, you can use using a texter to reduce the wear and tear on your fingers.

  1. Consider Trades

 Bartering is alive and well and it’s on Craigslist. In these days, people have many things they don’t need, as well as plenty of things they have. One man’s trash is the other’s treasure, so when you have something you’d like that’s as good as cash, be sure to mention that.

 These nine steps should help your merchandise move faster than sunscreen during an intense heat wave. And if you have any fantastic selling strategies, let us know. But before I close, a final thought…

 Be a Good Craigslister and Remove Items That Sold!

 It’s happened to me countless times. I’ll look up something, discover exactly what I’m searching for, and send an email. After that, I receive a reply saying, “Sorry, that sold.” Why is this ad still running? It’s even more irritating that as the days go by you try to find that identical item, but that advert is still on the market! Please, littering Craigslist with old ads doesn’t help this important community.


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