Steps to Help You Ship a Car to Another State Hassle-Free


Are you relocating to another state or perhaps visiting for a couple of months? In cases like this, people often wonder about the things they can and cannot move with. One of the few things people often wonder whether to move with is their cars. Whether it is a temporary or permanent relocation to a new state, some people would rather take their vehicles with them.

The reason for this can be anything from sentimental value to the cost of getting a new vehicle. But whatever the reason, shipping a car to another state is a process that can either be hassle-free or hard. There are several dos and don’ts that a person has to follow to have a smooth shipping process. We know that nobody wants to go through hoops just to ship their vehicles; therefore, below we will discuss things that you need to do to have a hassle-free car shipment from one state to another.

Choose the Type of Auto Shipping Company

When it comes to transporting a vehicle from one state to another, there are different types of companies you can contact for the job. This includes brokers, auto carriers, moving companies, train shipping companies, and air freight. Each of these different types of companies comes with its benefits and drawbacks.

But the best option is an auto carrier company. Auto carriers are professional carrier companies that have the trucks and expertise to transport vehicles. This is unlike brokers who are simply middlemen without trucks that connect customers to carriers. If you choose a broker company, you will have to pay a broker fee before paying for the shipment; so, it is often better to go to the carrier directly.

Choose the Shipping Service

There are two major ways to ship your vehicles; enclosed or open transport. With an open transport, vehicles are transported using open trailers. This method is cheaper than the alternative because several vehicles can be transported at the same time. However, this will leave your vehicle exposed to road debris and other environmental elements during transit.

Enclosed transport on the other hand involves shipping vehicles in enclosed trailers thereby protecting them from environmental hazards. This option is more expensive but it’s the best option for those transporting classic, luxury, or collectible cars. You can visit to find out the difference between classic and collectible cars. You can also choose an expedited shipping option if you’d like to transport your car as fast as possible, but this service is more expensive.

Choose a Shipping Company

The next step is to choose a company for the job. The best way to do this is to shop around and find out what 3 to 5 companies have to offer. To get quotes from these companies, you may need to provide certain information about your vehicle, delivery and pickup locations, the service you need, and the timeline for the shipment. Also, consider certain factors like the company’s reputation, track record, customer service, reliability, and so on to vet the company and pick a good one that won’t stress you during this process.

Make Your Booking and Prepare Your Car

Now, you’ll have to book the transport. The booking process is quite straightforward, and you’ll likely get through it hassle-free as long as you follow the instructions. We recommend that you make your booking at least 2 weeks early.

After booking, prepare your car for transit. Wash the vehicle as properly as possible; when you take it to the car wash, inform the service provider that the vehicle is to be shipped so they can do a thorough cleaning. Also, take out personal items you may have in the car as leaving them inside can increase the chances of auto burglary in transit.

Drop Off Your Car

Depending on the service you selected, you may be required to drop off your car or the company may send a driver to your home to pick it up. Regardless, two things will happen during pick-up. The company will inspect the car for damages like dents and scratches and take pictures as proof.

You will also sign a document called the bill of landing; this document contains the car’s report and the shipment receipt. You can check here to learn more about this document. After signing the document, you’ll get a copy, and the company will also keep a copy.

Stay Updated

Do not just forget about your car while it is in transit. You need to stay updated with how things are going. Auto shipping companies often offer their customers different ways to track their vehicles while it is in transit. This could be through tracking apps, phone calls, text updates, and so on.

Pick Up the Vehicle

When your vehicle is some hours or a day to its destination, you’ll get an alert about it. You’ll then conclude the pick-up details with the carrier. After which you’ll meet them to get your car or they’d bring it to your doorstep, depending on the service you picked.

When you get your car, take your time to inspect it. If you find new damage, report the damage on the landing bill and then take pictures; these will help back up your claim. Finally, sign the landing bill and collect your vehicle.


Shipping your car from one state to the other can be done completely hassle-free. The steps discussed in this article can help you achieve this. Also, if at any point during the process, you have questions or complaints, do not hesitate to speak out to the company about them so they can be addressed as soon as possible.

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