Guide to Repair Liquid Damaged Phone at a Phone Repair Shop

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Mobile phone repair shops see a lot of phones that have been damaged by water, making them among the most prevalent types of damage they see. Water can inflict a lot of damage, whether through an accident or a problem with the equipment. In addition, repairing your phone may be significantly more challenging if your phone has been damaged by water. This blog post will discuss how to restore phones that have been damaged by water and will assist you in getting the restoration process underway. Continue reading to find out how to fix phones that have been damaged by water and get your gadget back up and running as quickly as possible with the help of a step-by-step tutorial provided by mobile phone repair in Pittsburgh.

Step-by-Step Guide to Restore Water-Damaged Phone at a Phone Repair Store:

Follow the steps below as proposed by phone repair shops!

  1. Dry your device:

Make sure to dry off your phone as quickly as possible if it gets wet. Most of the moisture can be absorbed by a towel. You can take the phone to a repair shop or use a blower to get rid of the remaining water. Wash your hands promptly after touching any liquid.

You can try a few things to see if they help dry out your phone if it gets wet. First, the phone should be buried in a sack of raw rice. We can use the rice’s heat to speed up the drying process. If this doesn’t help, place the device on a wire rack in the microwave and heat it to the lowest temperature. If you want to reuse it, wait till it cools down first.

Instead of using a towel, heat the phone with a hair dryer if the damage is too great for a towel to repair.

  • Start the blow dryer and turn it up to the full blast.
  • One can use the blow dryer to warm up the phone, so stick it in there and turn it on till it’s comfortable to hold.
  •  Put the phone away from the blow dryer and wait a few moments before attempting any repairs.
  1. Take out the removable parts:

To avoid additional damage, remove the battery, and if the SIM card is damaged, try replacing it. It would be best to take precautions to shield both things from the elements before bringing them outside because exposure to severe weather can cause things to break. Check with a phone repair store if this doesn’t work. 

  1. Disassemble the main board:

If you want to attempt to repair your smartphone on your own, you’ll need to remove the motherboard to get at all the internal components, such as the battery. There is a possibility that your phone will be damaged or rendered useless if you go this route.

  1. Open up the device:

Unscrewing the phone will allow you to access its internal components safely. In some cases, such as when the device’s back cover is detachable, this method can save time and effort over disassembling the phone piece by piece to get to the CPU.

  1. Make a factory reset: 

This will delete all your information and data, but it might be your only option if you can fix your phone. A trip to a cell phone repair center is also an option for additional insight into the issue. But before doing so, back up your data.

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Your phone may have been damaged by water, and you may be wondering what to do about it. If you follow these easy instructions, you should be able to have your gadget functioning once again in no time. If you use these guidelines, restoring your water-damaged phone will be a breeze. However, if the issue persists, visit a reputable mobile repair shop like Tech Nichol.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we repair a water-damaged smartphone?

You should leave the phone in a sack with silica gel packs and bury it. Don’t check it for at least a day after leaving your cell phone in the bag. After it has completely dried, you can turn on your phone. If it doesn’t have power immediately, ensure it’s fully charged before trying again.

What to do when the phone gets submerged in water?

Put half as much dry rice as will fit into a jar or plastic bag. Then, put the rice in a container or plastic bag and put it away anywhere dry. In addition, you could use porridge or silicon gel packets. The phone needs to be soaked in rice for at least two days.

How long does it take to dry out a phone?

At least 24 hours are needed, ideally 48 or more. You shouldn’t turn it on until then to see if the repairs have been completed. The presence of still water within increases the risk of electrical current flowing to areas of the circuit where it should not.

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