7 Reasons to Hire a Solar Panel Installation Company for Maintainance

Solar Panel

Forty-seven years of oil are left! ( with the current consumption rate and amid undiscovered oil reserves). We have run short of fossil fuels. This has led the world to move to multiple energy substitutes. In all this chaos,  electronic vehicles and solar panels are the best innovations the world has seen recently. They are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. A solar system installed by a Solar Panel Installation Company saves you from huge utility bills and also works efficiently for about 25 to 30 years if properly maintained. But how to maintain it?

Many homes or commercial building owners take solar panel maintenance as a janitorial job. They think that the domestic staff that handles their building’s everyday cleaning and mopping can easily keep the solar panel clean, but things are quite different. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons to hire a solar panel installation company for maintenance services. Let us have a look.

Why Hire a Solar Panel Installation Company for maintenance services?

A solar panel requires professional cleaning tools, and its maintenance is not everyone’s cup of tea. Following are a few reasons to hire commercial Solar Panel Services and get maintenance services from them.

  • Impact of Humidity on Solar Panels

Dampness is a  great risk to a solar panel. It damages its internal parts. This is why when a solar panel is installed; it is laminated under vacuum pressure. This process keeps the system’s internal components safe from air and moisture. The panel gets directly exposed to wind and water. With the passage of time, the lamination wears out. If unnoticed, the worn-out lamination may cause moisture in the components, leading to corrosion and rusting of the inner parts. Hiring Solar Panel Maintenance Services can detect the problem quickly, causing minimum loss.

  • Electrical Problems 

Damaged wiring of the solar system affects its good working and energy-generating process. Loose connections, rusting, and oxidation also hinder electric power production. It’s a common problem in the solar system and can be easily repaired. But a non-professional hand can destroy the whole wiring of the panel. Therefore, it’s better to get your system checked by a licensed company. 

  • Snail Trail Contamination

Brown formations on the panels that appear like wavy lines as if some snails have traversed on the panel are known as Snail Trail Contamination on solar panels. These lines are due to the use of low-quality silver paste in manufacturing the panel. It results in moisture that generates an oxidation process between the encapsulation material and the silver paste. Microscopic cracks also allow this oxidation process and cause snail trails in the panel. It is always a good idea is to get some professional help. 

  • PID ( Potential Induced Degradation) Effect

The potential Induced Degradation effect is due to poor solar panel installation. This happens due to the difference in voltage between the earthing system and the solar panel. As a result, the primary power circuit produces partial voltage, lowering the solar panel’s efficiency. Even if you install one of the best available solar panels, poor installation will not let it work effectively. 

  • Commercial Solar Panel Service highlights Micro Fracture Issue

These are tiny cracks on the panel, which are hard to observe with the naked eye. These cracks affect the panel’s productivity. With the passage of time and intense weather conditions, they can grow bigger. A few reasons behind this issue are

  • The PV module production, 
  • Heat, 
  • Seasonal impacts,
  • Mishandling of panels during shipping and transportation,
  • Poor installation process due to inexperienced technicians
  • Hot Spots Problems

Hot spots in the solar panel are the most common issues. There are several reasons behind it, which result in the panel’s low performance and reduced lifespan. This issue is mostly caused by overheating due to very hot weather conditions. Overloading the appliances beyond system capacity also results in this issue. Another reason behind this problem is the substandard soldering of the wires and connections that causes low resistance in the power generation components of the panel. This issue can greatly affect the working of the panel.

  • Birds impact the working of Solar Panels

The solar panel system offers a perfect perching platform for pigeons, crows, and other lovely birds. Their flocking and nesting under the panel also result in the poor working of the system. This is why, if you observe birds gathering on your roof, go for proper measures like spikes and mesh wire to avoid this problem. 

To avoid the above-mentioned problems, it is best to hire a Solar Panel Installation Company like NRG Upgrade and make your life easier by enjoying the solar panel to the fullest.

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