Qualities of an Amazing Corporate Awards Evening


You want to reward your employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the company. A corporate awards evening is a great way to recognize individuals and teams that have gone above and beyond in the workplace. But what makes a good corporate awards evening?

  1. An Engaging Venue – Finding the right venue can help set the tone for your event; you want to choose a spot that is inviting and exciting, yet still professional. Make sure the venue has enough room for guests to mingle and network, as well as enough seating for everyone to watch the awards presentation comfortably. Depending on the tone of the event, you may want to invite friends and family to attend or keep it corporate only.
  2. Awards That Recognize Achievements – From excellence in customer service to innovative designs, awards need to recognise achievements that are important to the company’s success. A well-rounded event should include awards for a variety of areas, such as sales, marketing, customer service and product design. If possible, keep all areas involved and make it a rewarding evening for all (excuse the pun!).
  3. Interactive Activities – To keep people entertained throughout the night, plan some interactive activities like trivia games or icebreakers so that everyone can get to know each other better. You could even add some fun awards for special achievements such as the highest score on a game or the most creative costume. It will add an extra layer of excitement and keep the attendees engaged throughout the night. Alternatively, book a comedian or singer from Stargigs Event Entertainment to keep invitees engaged.
  4. Short and Sweet – While everybody loves some recognition, a long-winded awards ceremony can leave attendees feeling bored and listless. To make sure everyone is engaged from start to finish, keep the award presentations short and sweet. Let each of the winners have their moment in the spotlight, but don’t spend too much time on any one person’s speech. If the evening drags on for hours, nobody will want to attend the next ceremony.
  5. Keep it Social – Awards ceremonies are a great opportunity to foster team spirit and morale. Incorporate some fun activities into the night, such as quizzes that invite attendees to mingle with each other. This will help create an exciting atmosphere and ensure everyone is enjoying themselves. When done right, awards evenings bring your team together and benefit morale, collaboration, and more.
  6. Prizes & Gifts – Furthermore, you need to make the prize worth winning. If the awards ceremony is focused on celebrating excellence, consider giving out meaningful prizes that will motivate employees and make them feel appreciated. These could be monetary rewards, gift cards, or a special recognition token – something that will stay with the employee for years to come.
  7. Reception & Refreshments – Finally, an awards evening wouldn’t be complete without a reception and refreshment component. This is the perfect opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work, recognize achievements, and celebrate success. Offer light snacks and drinks, as well as special touches like a cocktail hour or a themed party afterwards.

Having an amazing awards evening requires careful planning, but it’s worth the effort in the end. By setting clear objectives, recognising the winners properly, and providing a festive atmosphere with reception and refreshments, you can ensure that your corporate event is memorable for all!

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