Prominent Types Of Bras That Every Woman Should Own For Style And Comfort


Every woman has a different breast size and shape and each one of them deserves a different type of bra that lifts certain body parts while restraining the others so that our clothes fit well. There are loads of options in bra designs that are stylish, comfortable, and flattering for which it is important to look for a store that can give you all the options to choose for a perfect fit and style.

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The must-have bras for every woman

We will see some prominent types of bras that every woman should have in her lingerie drawer.

T-shirt bra

T-shirt bras are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe and are best for everyday use. It gives a smooth finish with moulded seamless cups and no laces or embellishments that makes it perfect to wear under any outfit.

Full-coverage bra

If you want your bra to go unnoticed under sheer fabrics or light-coloured garments, go for a cotton bralette or full-coverage bras.

Demi bras

These are low-cut bras that cover only half the breasts providing a natural lift and making way for a soft cleavage. They are available as plain, with lace coverings, or have an underwire and are best for low-neckline dresses.

Strapless bras

They have the same cup as a demi bra with a low neckline and are best for wearing with off-shoulder dresses, tube tops, and other strapless garments.  Look for a strapless bra with a wide band and underwires for maximum support.

Plunge bras

These bras come with a low neckline with less coverage. They are available in non-padded, padded, and lace varieties and are great for a deep neckline dress or top.

Push-up bras

These are used for lifting the breasts and giving a prominent cleavage. Women with medium and heavy are advised to avoid them. The extra foam or gel padding at the bottom of the cup lifts the breasts up and near each other.

Bralette bras

These are super comfortable bras for relaxing occasions and come with little or no padding. It has a thick band to the waist and comes in lace or other soft fabric. Wear them as tops with culottes, flared pants, and under sheer tops.

Balconette bras

These are best suited for women with smaller breasts as they provide little coverage. The top of the cups lifts the breasts for a natural-looking cleavage.

Sports bra

These are specially designed for providing necessary support to the breasts during physical activity.

Comfort and style are the names of the game when buying a suitable bra. Hence, take the advice of a fitting expert before buying the best bra for yourself.

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