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Although initially created for athletics or other types of physical activity, sneakers are now worn by many people for everyday use. Depending on the context, they can be classified as either sneakers or trainers.


Nike Air Jordan 1 was created by Peter Moore after Michael Jordan joined Nike in 1984.

Tinker Hatfield, the shoe’s creator, debuted the now famous premium collection, which came to be known as Jordan Mid, in 2001. It was an alternative to the Jordan 1 High, but collectors and sneakerheads overlooked it because it wasn’t promoted properly. The logo is the most visible difference, even though their height is their primary selling point. As far as branding is concerned, OG Highs have the original “Nike Air” branding while Mids have the Jumpman and Air. There are nine lace holes on the former and just eight on the latter.

Why is the Jordan brand in demand?

  • Unlike other shoes of its type, Jordan mids’ exclusivity degree is unmatched. This has contributed to the line’s success. Leather and other high-quality materials are used in the construction of these shoes. These materials create a sense of durability. They also give the shoes a high-quality appearance and feel.
  • In addition, the shoes are available in various colours and designs. This makes it possible for customers to find the perfect footwear for their needs.
  • Celebrities, sports stars, athletes, and entertainers wear Jordans. That is the reason these shoes are always in high demand when looking to buy a new pair. As a result, the value and appeal of the shoes rise.
  • A well-known shoe brand like Jordan Mid is a popular choice among those seeking shoes that are durable.
  • As a result of their enormous cultural impact, the Jordans have been continuously growing in popularity. In the early 1990s, the Jordans were the first sneakers that became collectables. This had a significant impact on the emergence of a broader sneaker subculture.
  • Additionally, many people consider possessing an authentic pair of Jordans an honour. Jordan’s attraction has made it a status symbol and is extremely popular with the general population.


  • Many individuals prefer Jordans to other types of footwear for various reasons. The quality of Jordan’s shoes differs from that of many other traditional footwear brands because of the brand’s distinct aesthetic. As a result, these shoes are widely sought after and highly regarded by customers searching for high levels of performance and quality at an affordable price. In contrast to regular sporting shoes, which come with an end tag, these sneakers do not.
  • An inexpensive pair of Jordans is hard to come by compared to similar goods of equal quality. Unlike Nike, Jordan has a track record of consistently putting out high-quality items. As a result, shoes are kept at a low price compared to similar items.
  • Jordans are the shoe of choice for many people because of the added support and cushioning that they give over other models. Sneakers are something that certain people genuinely adore and cherish. But, they are often plagued with foot discomfort daily from using improper shoes. Some people’s feet are sore from heel pain and foot bites, so they can’t wear sneakers for lengthy periods. Many individuals choose the Jordans because of the increased cushioning and support they give while looking for decent sneakers to buy.

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