Picture 11×14 frame for babies – 7 best frames for babies

11x14 frame
11x14 frame

When a baby is born, there are so many rare moments that you would like to remember that it is difficult to select just a few photos to display in frames. Nowadays, choosing children’s frames is not an easy task, because there are so many options.

To give you a good idea of ​​the types you can choose from, here are the seven most popular children’s frames.

  1. Decorative frames for babies: These frames are most often used to display children’s photos. They come in metal frames or decorative wood and have a children’s design on the frame. They are ideal for individual photos 4×6 or smaller and are usually best on chests of drawers or table surfaces. Decorative frames are available in many designs. Before buying a frame, check the quality of the frame, because it is cheap and often poorly made.
  2. Frames for children up to the first year: They are made to symbolize the first year of your child. First-year frames can contain multiple photos showing a picture for each month of the year. These are usually decorative wall frames with a metal or matt wooden surface. These are good memories, but sometimes it is difficult to display images due to their small size. You can also create your own 11×14 frame for the first child by purchasing a larger wall frame (ideally 11×14 or larger) and creating a custom mat.
  3. Baby Handprint or Footprint Frames: These frames are an imaginative way to showcase a common tradition. You can use a variety of media or create shaped prints or simply use ink. Such frames usually have 2 holes – 1 for prints or inkjet printing and 2. for a picture of a baby. This is a unique way to show your most valuable treasure. The main disadvantage is that it can be difficult to find quality printing material and, in addition, the time and effort required to obtain quality printing.
  4. Sonographic or ultrasound baby frames: Such frames are designed to display an ultrasound photo of your baby. Most ultrasonic frames have only one compartment for storing the sonogram. They are made so that you can show a photo before giving birth. They are usually thrown away when the baby is born because there is no compartment to display the baby’s picture. These are good pregnancy gifts, although you may choose to look at the boxes of the shadow boxes, as they may contain more photos and souvenirs.
  5. Children’s Hospital Label Frames or Bracelets: Children’s Hospital Label Frames or Bracelets are an artistic way to present your newborn’s first set of “jewelry.” Such frames are designed with a small thin gap for a bracelet and a small compartment for a photo. A bigger and more versatile alternative would be to make your own versatile shadow cabinet frame.
  6. Baby Shadow Box Frames: Shadowbox frames are ideal for those who like to exhibit an assortment of baby souvenirs in one frame. Shadow boxes can be found in various sizes, depths, and colors. This type of frame allows you to display different objects along with pictures of your child in a single frame. Hospital labels and toys are among the favorite items that are placed in shadow boxes. Shadowbox frames also protect your precious children’s sight
  7. Engraved or commemorative frames of precious metal: These are high-quality frames, usually made of silver sheet, solid tin, or coin silver. Most people prefer silver-plated frames because they have the formality and luster of silver without the high price of sterling silver. On the other hand, there is no substitute for the quality of sterling silver, as it can be transmitted as a family heirloom.

Today, most silver and silver-plated frames come with a lacquered surface. This means that silver polishing is no longer necessary. Silver-plated and silver frames come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Solid tin children’s frames are also available in a smooth solid tin and lacquered enamel. If you opt for an engraved frame, you just need to find a smooth, flat surface and plenty of space for your reference. Most engraved baby frames usually include the baby’s name, date of birth, birth weight, and length.

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