Pdf Size Converter – Top 3 Converters

Pdf Size Converter

After reading the options below, you will find yourself no longer interested in expensive platforms that drain your devices. Following platforms to compress pdf are easy to use and completely safe too. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about losing data too. Here they are:


SizePDF is the most-used to convert pdf size. It will compress pdf expertly without compromising the quality and readability of the content. The platform has an innovative approach, such as converting the pdf files to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The user will receive the compressed pdf files in just a few seconds. Even though SizePDF is free, it provides numerous options to facilitate the user.

One of its features is its security. Size PDF applies SSL encryption to files after converting them. The protection prevents the files from leaking sensitive information. As a result, you can upload and download the converted files without worrying about client information or financial particulars. 

You do not need to either login or sign up to use the service. Simply visit the website and start converting. Furthermore, there is no limit on converting the files. You can upload as fewer or as many files as you like. As a result, SizePDF is reliable assistance that will surely offer help when you are under strict circumstances. It will seamlessly compress pdf files after converting them too.


2pdf.com is an excellent pdf size converter. It will allow the user to convert their original pdf files into different formats. XPS, publisher, images, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office platforms are on the list. Furthermore, you can also edit the documents while converting too.

This best pdf size converter platform will let you edit the documents before converting them. The platform is completely free, too, and here is how to use it:

  • Go to www.2pdf.com.
  • Click on Convert PDF. The option is at the top of the left handside.
  • You can upload the file by clicking “Choose File.” In addition, you can also drag the file onto the interface directly from the source folder.
  • Modify and compress the file in the third step. Ensure it is how you want it to be.
  • Download the file. You can also export it to Google Drive or Dropbox for safekeeping.


The next option to convert pdf size and format is Freepdfconvert. It will protect user privacy with its 256-bit SSL encryption. The security applies to all files and documents. The creators wish to safeguard identities and avoid hacking for malicious purposes. The platform will also compress pdf files, other than downloading and deleting them. The users forget to delete the files in a hurry. Rest assured, Freepdfconvert will automatically delete the documents after three hours.

Freepdfconvert also provides a free trial version. You can easily convert files for free. However, paid access makes you an exclusive member to enjoy the features limitlessly. An expansive set of tools await you. 

Here is how to convert files using Freepdfconvert:

  • Go to https://www.freepdfconvert.com/ and upload the file after clicking “Choose File.” You can also pick documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, and website URLs.
  • Select MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and pdf from the list of platforms.
  • The platform will convert the files in a few seconds.
  • The updated document is ready to be downloaded. The files are deleted from the server once the download is complete.

Which is the best platform to convert pdf size?

2pdf.com is a reliable platform to compress pdf. It is virus free and very lightweight to use. It is the right tool to amplify the documents to achieve the required product. You will no longer think of another converter after using 2pdf.com.

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