Mountain Biking Gear for All Budgets and Levels of Experience

mountain biking gear

In the US, about 40 million people participate in mountain biking activities annually.

Mountain biking is gaining popularity thanks to excellent activities like mountain bike trail rides. Even experienced mountain biking enthusiasts say the best mountain biking happens when you’re not focused on mistakes and frustrations but on the beautiful scenery and challenge of the ride.

Therefore, new mountain biking enthusiasts should aim for a good biking experience that doesn’t also make them frustrated. The best way to do that is to start with the basics of mountain biking gear and work up from there.

Read on to learn how to choose cycling gear for mountain biking enthusiasts of all budgets and levels of experience.

Cycling Helmet

A cycling helmet protects your head from the many hazards of mountain biking, from crashes to bumpy terrain. Cycling helmets are also designed to provide comfort and offer excellent ventilation, so you won’t have to worry about overheating while you ride.

They come in various budgets and styles to suit every level of experience. Lightweight helmets are ideal for new mountain bikers, while more experienced riders may prefer a more substantial cycling helmet with enhanced features such as removable visors and extra padding.

Water Bottle

Hydration is essential for all bikers, no matter the difficulty of the terrain or level of rider experience. Choose a water bottle that’s durable yet lightweight and has an easy-to-use closure to ensure you stay hydrated on your journey.

Depending on your budget, you can find a range of quality water bottles in the budget, mid-range, and high-end options. Look for features like quick-access straws, wide-mouth openings, and spouts or nozzles to make drinking while biking easier.

Emergency Repair Kit

No matter the budget, bike gear should include a repair kit. A basic repair kit consists of tools for minor repairs, such as a multi-tool, spare tire tube, patch kit, tire levers, and mini-pump. For more advanced and technical repairs, brake and derailleur adjusters and a chain tool may be necessary and should be considered.

Additionally, wet weather gear, extra food and water, a first-aid kit, and lights for longer rides are also crucial for the more experienced riders. No matter the budget or level of experience, at a minimum, mountain bikers need a repair kit that can help get them out of a jam.

Bike Mount

A hitch mount bike rack is an excellent option for carrying gear securely. This mount attaches to the back of your car or SUV and allows you to transport up to five bikes.

They have adjustable arms to fit a variety of bike frames and can support bikes up to 35 lbs. Depending on the model, they can mount to a 2″ or 1.25″ receiver and come in various colors.

Enjoy Your Ride with the Best Mountain Biking Gear

No matter your budget or experience level, mountain biking gear is available to help you go out and enjoy the sport. With the right gear and knowledge, anyone can have a great time biking in the mountains.

Look around at the options, and have a safe and enjoyable time. Visit our store and get your mountain biking gear today!

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