Mahiro and Mihari’s Experiment on Onee-chan


Mahiro is an otaku and NEET living with his scientist younger sister Mihari. In an experiment conducted by Mihari, one day she turns him into a middle school girl through genetic modification. Read about Onee-chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-chan.

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Mahiro’s firstday of middle school

Mahiro found themselves transformed into a female when legally still classified as male, forcing them to adapt to life outside their bedroom and manage the antics of their sister, Kawaii.

On his first day of school Mahiro meets Momiji, Asahi, and Miyo-chan; although initially uneasy about attending their class despite some nervousness; Mahiro soon makes friends and quickly settles in; though his transition may still be highlighted when he accidentally uses the boys? restroom and is unable to complete an obstacle race marathon during gym class.

Mahiro finds it hard to hide his deep affection for yuri, often romanticizing their classmates and dreaming of romance between them. Unfortunately, due to an unhealthy diet he gains weight quickly leading to various health complications for himself and others in his class.

Mahiro’s first day of high school

Mahiro finds herself suddenly thrust into high school, as her transformation continues and she struggles to adjust. Although she remains close with Momiji and Asahi, the crowds and loud noises can become daunting for Mahiro – during break time when she needs the restroom, however, there’s already someone there; that person turns out to be Kaede, her classmate from middle school!

Kaede is an outgoing girl with strong feelings for Mahiro. As grade skipper who studies fashion and enjoys beauty products, she and Mahiro get along well; tease each other as siblings do and support each other without criticism or judgment of actions taken by Mahiro? she always wants to help when needed.

Mahiro’s first day of winter break

Mahiro finds herself nervously anticipating her new school year. To help him reacclimatize, Mihari enlists Momiji and Asahi/Miyo-chan’s assistance so he can savor things like parfaits and an onsen stay.

Mahiro manages to get into her school uniform without making a run for the bathroom, while meeting Kaede Hozuki – an attractive gyaru who takes him out to dinner and a movie.

She gives him an extra potion that will extend his time as female for longer, making him nervous when she begins coming closer and going for his defenses. But eventually she reveals herself as one of his classmates from middle school.

Mahiro’s first day of Valentine?s Day

Mahiro was amazed when Kaede presented her with her special homemade chocolate for Valentine?s Day. She explained that it had been made especially for him.

Kaede is delighted to discover that Miyo and Asahi also received gifts from her, both telling him how much they appreciate it. Kaede notes this was her first ever attempt at giving one to one of her classmates.

While enjoying her chocolate, she hears some of the boys in her class complaining that they hadn’t received any gifts from girls. As she munched away at it, she heard some complaining that none had come from female classmates either – prompting some to start acting like zombies by surrounding her and demanding she share with them some of her chocolate!

Mahiro’s first day of spring break

Mahiro proves herself very teachable when her sister helps change their personal habits; she learns to bathe regularly and wear clean clothing; even starting washing her own clothing!

Mahiro also exhibits her capacity to accept and implement self-respect; instead of lashing out when her period arrives, she instead treats herself with care while simultaneously forging close bonds with Asahi and Momiji, two new friends she makes along the way.

Mahiro had very limited social interactions as a male, becoming reclusive and hikikomori. Since her transition, however, Mahiro appears to be completely transformed; now enjoying spending quality time with her girlfriends by purchasing new clothing together or watching movies together.



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