Leos Are Feeling Warm and Cozy for the Holidays


Proud and regal, Leos are major extroverts and always on the go. However, even these superstars can get burnt out. If you were born under the Lion and need a little pick-me-up, psychic readings can reveal the best forms of self-care for your personality.

Sometimes Called the Charasmastic Lion

Born between mid-July and mid-August, Leos are the epitome of royalty. They love to make a statement and crave success, which can take many forms. They can’t help but draw followers with their sparkling personalities and indiscriminate warmth. Ambitious, creative and captivating, they’re lions in every sense of the word.

Natural Leaders

Leos are natural leaders, a trait that helps them stand out in their professional and personal lives. They usually lead the charge on a new project and decide the next adventure for their friend groups. Sometimes, this leads to them hogging the limelight, but their earth-element friends can keep them grounded.

Once the Lion gets an idea, there’s little anyone can do to stop it. This determination can be a boon, especially when pursuing a long-term goal, but inflexibility also has downsides. For example, refusing to compromise can put you at odds with other stubborn signs, such as Taurus.

Pairing Leos’ fiery nature with stubbornness can also lead to explosive disagreements. The Lion isn’t afraid to go it alone, but everyone needs help sometimes. Fortunately, water-based signs can balance this characteristic and mend bridges a passionate Leo might accidentally burn.


While Leos adore luxury, they enjoy sharing it even more. The Lion loves indulging loved ones with beautiful gifts and relaxing vacations, spreading the wealth so all may partake. Of course, this generosity reaches far beyond material goods; Leos eagerly offer much of themselves:

  • Time
  • Affection
  • Attention

If a treasured friend is going through a difficult time, Leos will do anything in their power to help, even at the cost of their own well-being.

Best Self-Care for Leo

Psychic readings for Leo indicate that people are your power source. As a result, you energize best when you’re the center of attention. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to indulge your show-stopping charisma.

Being in a big crowd is rejuvenating for Leos, so those born under this sign should look for large gatherings:

  • Dance clubs
  • Concerts
  • Theme parks

Even a house party can boost their energy as long as the guest list is expansive and everyone is having fun.

When you can’t go out, the Leo solution is to bring the party to you. Turn your living space into the definition of luxury with soft pillows, ornate fixtures and bold colors. For an additional energy boost, live stream a tour of your new decor and interact with your audience. Don’t forget to dress to the nines and do your makeup — after all, you’re putting on a show.

If you need help taming your inner lion, consider scheduling clairvoyant psychic readings live. Psychics knowledgeable about the zodiac can help you identify your strengths and passions. With this new understanding of your inner self, you can pave the road to happiness.

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