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Zoro to

If you’re looking for the latest anime, there are a couple of good choices for you. You can try Drifting Home, Stone Ocean, or Josee and the Tiger Fish. Here are a few of the best of this year’s offerings. You’re sure to find a series you love!

Tomodachi Game

The latest anime from Tomodachi is a mixed bag. It has some solid moments and some incredibly forgettable ones. The voice acting and the OST are forgettable, and the character development is not very good. The plot is also rather generic, and there are some plot holes. But overall, this is a decent anime.

Drifting Home

The upcoming Netflix release “Drifting Home” is an adventure fantasy tale based on the nostalgia of childhood. The story follows childhood friends Kousuke and Natsume, who are separated when they visit a housing complex that is being demolished. They try to find each other and return home.

Stone Ocean

Netflix has announced that it will release part two of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Zoro to on September 1st. Part one was released on December 1st and includes 12 episodes. There was some fanfare that the second part would have a new opening theme song, but fans were disappointed. Instead, the anime will include 10 seconds of new animation at the end of each episode.

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Josee and the Tiger Fish

Josee and the Tiger Fish is an upcoming Japanese animated film based on a short story by Seiko Tanabe. The film has a strong message of compassion, empathy, and perseverance. It follows a young man named Tsuneo Suzukawa, a 22-year-old university student studying marine biology. He saves Kumiko Yamamura from drowning by rescuing her from the water and subsequently receives a job from the fish’s grandmother.

Goblin Slayer

If you are in the mood for some light fantasy, you might want to check out the latest anime Goblin Slayer. This anime is based on a popular light novel series with the same name by Kumo Kagyu and Noboru Kannatuki. The first season was released in 2016, and season two will be announced on January 31, 2021 at GA FES 2021.

Skull Island

Netflix has announced a new animated series that will take place on the island of Skull Island. The project will be produced by Legendary Pictures and Netflix and will be the first television series based on the MonsterVerse, and the second one based on King Kong. It was first announced last year, but has yet to be confirmed for release.

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